Vocab Lesson 9 & 10

  1. Impalpable
    Incapable of being perceived by the sense of touch, difficult for the mind to grasp easily.
  2. Taut
    Tense; emotionally or mentally strained.
  3. Incredulity
    Inability or unwillingness to believe.
  4. Cynicism
    Distrusting or disparaging motives of others; showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty and marality.
  5. Skepticism
    Inclined to doubt or question accepted opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc.
  6. Derision
    Ridicule or mockery.
  7. Propitiate
    To make favorably inclined: appease; conciliate.
  8. Beguiled
    To influence by trickery; to take away from by cheating or deceiving.
  9. Rancore
    Bitter resentment or ill will; hatred.
  10. Suppress
    Put an end to, espicially forcibly; prevent from being done, seen, heard or known.
  11. Marginalize
    Make or treat as insignificant; minority cultures have often been marginalized by majority cultures.
  12. Philanthropy
    Concern for fellow humans, especially threw gift that encourage and promote social welfare.
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Vocab Lesson 9 & 10
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