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  1. Temperatures of rooms should be
    Between 68 and 74
  2. Restraints should be used in two types of situations
    • Behavioral (psych setting where patient has demonstrated suden change in mental status)
    • Non behavioral (continuation of medical treatment-protect IV site, catheter)
  3. Principles of protective devices
    • Must help patient or help to continue medical therapy
    • Use the least amount of immobilization
    • Must have written order
    • Apply device snugly, but still has blood flow
    • Remove device every two hours
  4. RACE means
    • Rescue patients in immediate danger
    • Activate fire alarm system
    • Contain fire
    • Extinguish flames
  5. Humidity in the hospital is kept between 30 and 50% for the purpose of
    Discouraging microbial growth
  6. If a biohazard spill occurs and you don't know the product,
    find the MSDS
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