Le Peep menu

  1. Pancake Sandwich
    one egg, two mini pancakes. Served with two strips of bacon, butter and syrup.
  2. Waffle Sandwich
    Two waffle wedges, one egg, and two pieces of crisp bacon.
  3. Le Petit Toast
    Two pieces of French toast served with two strips of bacon and powdered sugar.
  4. Le Egg Sandwich
    One scrambled egg, two bacon strips, and cheese all on a choice of bread with Peasant Potatoes.
  5. Aspen Crepe
    Two crepes filled with a creamy vanilla ricotta and cream chesse and topped with fresh strawberries
  6. Biscuts 'n' Gravy
    Two freshly baked biscuits covered with our homemade hawg-wild sausage gravy sprinkled with chives.
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Le Peep menu
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