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  1. who loves you
    Me !
  2. definition of holistic
    refers to those approcahes to health and healing that take into account the wholeness of human beings; including body mind emotions and spirit
  3. question- what are seven major categories of western massage techniques?
    • effleurage
    • tapotenent
    • vibration
    • petrissage
    • friction
    • touch without movement
    • joint movement
  4. list four aspects of professional demeanor
  5. Identify three consideration for massage therapist regarding touch within context of theraputic relationship
  6. list 3 areas of confidentiality in client therapy interaction
    • client should be able to see their records and obtain records apon request
    • client records must be secured and kept away from anyone who does not need to see them
    • client must give written consent for use and disclosure of information for treatment, payment and healthcare operations
  7. list 6 key considerations in creating a professional envirornment for massage
  8. list 3 reasons for draping
    • (B.M.W.)
    • b- boundary
    • m- modesty
    • w-warmth
  9. good practice in hygiene are..
  10. proceedures for setting up massage table are...
  11. what is anterior
    towards the front of a organism, organ or part
  12. what is posterior
    towards the back of a organism, organ or part
  13. what is supine
    position of body laying face up
  14. what is prone
    position of the body laying face down
  15. what is axial skeleton
    consists of skull, vertabrael column and ribcage
  16. what is appendicualar skeleton
    consists of bones of the upper and lower limbs, pectoral and pelvic girdles
  17. define endangerment sites
  18. distinguish between general and regional contraindications for massage
  19. list general principals for contraindications and causes for massage
  20. explain general principals for contraindications and causes for massage
  21. what are massage consideration to medication
  22. list 5 guidelines for effective body mechanics
  23. list 5 reasons for documentation
  24. identify endangerment sites for the back
  25. where would you place bolsters for client in a prone position
    • under shoulders
    • under hips
    • under ankles (most common)
  26. define anatomical position
    standard body position which is used as a anatomical reference point. In the the anatomical position a body is erect, facing forward, feet together, palms facing forward, thumbs pointed away from the body
  27. define superior
    towards the head end or upper end of structure or body; above
  28. define inferior
    away from the head end or towards the lower end of a structure or body.
  29. define medial
    toward the midline of the body
  30. define lateral
    away from the midline of the body
  31. define ulnar
    towards the ulna
  32. definal radial
    towards the radius
  33. define midline
    imaginary vertical line from the center of the body that divides body in half bilaterally
  34. where is erectus spinae
  35. where is trapezius
  36. where is letissinus dorsi
  37. where are deltoid
  38. where is spinous process
  39. where is transverse process
  40. where is scapula
  41. where are ribs
  42. where is sacrum
    between lumbar and cocyx
  43. what are three parts of spine, and number of vertabrae in each part
    • cervical- 7
    • thoracic- 12
    • lumbar-5
  44. what is superior nuchal line/occuiput
  45. describe two ways massage increases pliability of soft tissues by working with adhesions and property of thixotropy
  46. define palpitation and describe how critical to massage therapists
  47. define intuition and describe the interplay of intuition and techniques in massage session
  48. identify elements of holistic practioner
  49. identify the performance elements of a massage
  50. list 5 factors that would influence the amount of pressure to use during massage
  51. list 4 possible causes of discomfort after a massage
  52. identify ways to adjust massage techniques for ticklishness
  53. define muscle tone
  54. define resting tone
  55. define connective tissue
  56. define fascia
  57. define ligament
  58. define tendon
  59. define distal
  60. define proximal
  61. define hypertonic
  62. define hypotonic
  63. define superficial
  64. define deep
  65. where are rhomboids
  66. where are levatory scapula
  67. where are gluteus maximus
  68. where are quadratus lumborum
  69. where are glueteus medius
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