Medical Terms

  1. Or/o-, stomat/o
  2. dent/o, odont/o
  3. labi/o, cheil/o
  4. sailoaden/o
    salivary glands
  5. parotid
    near ear
  6. submandibular
    near or beneath jaw
  7. mastication
    chewing, grinding food
  8. lingu/o, gloss/o
  9. gingiv/o
  10. bucc/o
  11. uvul/o
    dangley part back of mouth. helps in speech production
  12. tonsill/o
  13. pharyn/o
  14. -phagia
  15. deglutition
  16. peristalsis
    involuntary was of contractions to push food down GI track
  17. fundus
    upper part of stomach
  18. body
    middle portion of stomach
  19. rugae
    throughout the whole stomach. folds of membranes that line the inside
  20. antrum
    bottom portion of stomach
  21. cardiac sphincter
    rings of muscle at top of stomach
  22. pyloric sphincter
    rings of muscle between stomach and first part of small intestines
  23. duodenum
    first part of small intestines
  24. jejunum
    middle part of small intestines
  25. ileum
    last part of small intestines. longest section
  26. villi
    • microscopic projections that line the small intestines
    • filled with capilaries
    • absorbes nutrients from food
  27. cecum
    first part of large intestines
  28. ascending colon
    • goes up the body
    • right side
  29. transverse colon
    across abdominal cavity
  30. descending colon
    • down the body
    • left side
  31. sigmoid colon
    • last part of large intestines
    • 's' shaped part
  32. rectum
    opening to external part of body
  33. an/o, proct/o
  34. hepat/o
  35. cholecyst/o
  36. diverticulosis
    condition of having pockets in the intestines
  37. diverticulitis
    • inflammation of pockets
    • typically left side
    • appendicitis
  38. peritonitis
    • inflammation of peritoneal cavity
    • covers abdominal cavity
  39. hemorrhoids
    • varicose veins in anal/rectal area
    • caused by constipation
  40. varicose
    imflamed vein
  41. hemorrhoidectomy
    surgical removal of vein
  42. melena
    black tarry stool
  43. dysentery
    • painful intestines due to bacterial infections
    • primarily with large intestines
  44. pancreatitis
    • inflammation of pancreas
    • severe epigastric pain, vomiting, diminished bowel activity, diminished bowel activity, tachycardia
  45. steatorrhea
    discharge of fat
  46. Gastroesophageal reflux GERD
    contents of stomach, acid, come up and irritate esophagus
  47. hiatal hernia
    protrusion of stomach into peritoneal cavity
  48. pyrosis
    burning sensation
  49. inguinal hernia
    intestines have protruded through the wall of peritoneal cavity
  50. hernioplasty
    surgical repair of hernia
  51. Herniorrhaphy
  52. Crohns disease, inflammatory bowel disease IBD
  53. anorexia nervosa
  54. bulimia
  55. pica
  56. orifice
  57. borborygmus
  58. eructation
  59. emesis
  60. hematemesis
  61. prandial
  62. ascites
  63. colic
  64. dyspepsia
  65. dysphagia
  66. halitosis
  67. anterior
    • ventral
    • under brain in front of vertebral column
  68. posterior
    • dorsal
    • everything behind vertebral column
  69. pleural cavity
    double folded membrane that surrounds lungs
  70. mediastinum
    area between lungs- heart and trachea
  71. diaphram
    separates thoracic and abdominal cavity
  72. hypochondriac
    pertaining to below the ribs
  73. epigastric
    pertaining to above the stomach
  74. lumbar
    lateral region
  75. inguinal
    groin area
  76. hypogastrium
    pertaining to below the stomach
  77. right upper quadrant RUQ
    pancreas, liver, galbladder, parts of intestines, part of stomach
  78. cholecytitis
    inflammation of the gallbladder
  79. chloelithiasis
    abnormal condition of stones in gallbladder
  80. left upper quadrant LUQ
    intestines, stomach, part of liver, pancreas, spleen
  81. gastrodynia
    stomach pain
  82. right lower quadrant RLQ
    appendix, right uretter, right ovary, intestines
  83. left lower quadrant LLQ
    left uretter, left ovary, intestines
  84. diverticulitis
    inflammation of pockets that form in intestines
  85. pelvic cavity
    bladder, urethra tube, female reproductive organs, male prostate and reproductive organs
  86. dorsal cavity
    cranial and spinal cavities
  87. cephallic
    • superior
    • head end
  88. caudal
    • inferior
    • lower, away from head, tail
  89. decubitus
    horizontal position
  90. medial
    pertaining to the middle, center of the body
  91. lateral
    pertaining to the side, away from the center
  92. proximal
    close to or near the source
  93. distal
    far from the source
  94. eversion
    turning outward, insideout
  95. inversion
    abnormal condition of something twisting toward out
  96. flexion
    decrease angle of joint
  97. extension
    increasing the angle
  98. peripheral
    pertaining to the surrounding area, surface
  99. recumbent
    lie down, recline, lean back
  100. supine
    laying on back
  101. prone
    laying on stomach
  102. apex
    tip or top
  103. afferent
    • conducting toward
    • veins toward heart
    • signals toward brain
  104. efferent
    • conducting away
    • arteries away from heart
  105. abduct
    away from the center of body
  106. adduct
    toward the center of the body
  107. circum-
  108. contra-
  109. cto-, exo-, extra-
  110. ectopic
    situated outside the normal location
  111. exogenous
    originating from outside the body or organ
  112. extrasensory
    awareness or knowledge without using a physical source
  113. endo-
  114. endocrine
    to secrete within
  115. epi-
    upon, on
  116. epigastric
    pertaining to upon the stomach
  117. infra-, sub-
  118. meso-
  119. mesoderm
    middle layer of developing embryo
  120. ipsi-, iso-
  121. meta-
    change or exchange
  122. metastasis
    beyond control
  123. supra-
    above or over
  124. supraumbilical
    above the navel
  125. para-
    similar or beside
  126. parapelegia
    paralysis of waist down
  127. peri-
  128. pericardium
    area around the heart
  129. retro-
    • located behind
    • backward
  130. retroperitoneal
    pertaining to the organs closely behind abdominal cavity
  131. trans-
  132. transdermal
    applying something to the surface of the skin
  133. frontal
    • vertical
    • through the head and shoulders
  134. sagittal
    unequal left and right halves
  135. midsagittal
    • median
    • cut body in half vertically
  136. transverse
  137. primigravida
    first pregnancy
  138. ambi-
  139. alb/o
  140. erythr/o, rubor
  141. cirrh/o, xanth/o
  142. cyan/o
  143. chlor/o
  144. poli/o, glauc/o
  145. melan/o
  146. purpur/o
  147. argy/o
  148. CC
    • chief complaint
    • why person has appointment
  149. PI/HPI
    • history of present illness
    • history of symptoms
  150. PH
    past medical history
  151. FH
    family history
  152. social history
    safe sex, alcohol and drug usage, environmental factors, family situations
  153. ROS
    • review of systems
    • check head to toe
  154. palpation
    touching or feeling for anything abnormal, rebound tenderness, swelling
  155. ausculation
    listening to heart, abdomen, lungs
  156. heart sounds
    • murmur
    • rub: valve issues
    • gallop: heart is beating with an irregular rhythm
  157. abdomen sounds
    want to hear rumbling and grumbling
  158. rale
    • abnormal respiratory sound
    • moist
  159. rhonchus
    rice krispies sound
  160. bruit
    abnormal sound anywhere in system
  161. provisional
    initial diagnosis
  162. clinical
    based on group of signs or symptoms
  163. laboratory
    • official test
    • positive or negative
  164. pathologic
    tissue biopsy
  165. crohns disease
    • attacks certain parts of intestines
    • chronic inflammation
    • tends to be in illium
    • severe abdominal pain
    • nausea, fever, chills,anorexia, weight loss, prone to abdominal blockage
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