Balance Number

  1. Balance Number 1
    Draw strength from yourself, but be more willing to share your troubles with family and friends. You can be a loner in the face of problems. This can isolate you durring troubled times. Be open to the advice of others. This will widen your perspective on the problem, and will give you new ingormation on which to base your approach. Strength, creativity, and courage are the arms with which you will win the war.
  2. Balance Number 2
    Use tact and diplomacy. Be less emotional. Be courageous in your approach to the solution you seek, rather than backing away from a problem because you fear confrontation. Work hard to defuse tension; your innate talent is to find a solution mutually satisfying to all. You are willing to compromise. Be more optimistic and lighthearted. Try not to blow problems out of proportion. You are overly sensitive, and you have to work to be more balanced. Balance and haromony are there for you the minute you apply yourself to any problem. You can be the peacemaker.
  3. Balance Number 3
    Be more lighthearted and optimistic in your approach to problems. Try to work with others toward a mutually satisfying solution. Use your considerable charm to influence the situation. You can be extremely emotional when faced with a problem. Try to control this tendency; you need a degree of objectivity. You may become too personally attached to the solution you seek, thus failing to see that the outcome can be beneficial to all concerned.
  4. Balance Number 4
    Try to have perspective and a more laid-back attitude toward emotionally charged issues. Control your anger. Discipline is you strength. Also, look at the larger picture and the need for compromise. Your sense of justice must be elevated to another level at which such virtues as forgiveness, compassion, and deep understanding are the guiding lights. A Practical approach to these ideas is to try to put yourself in the shoes of the person with whom you are in confluct. There are always more angles to a problem than you tend to acknowledge.
  5. Balance Number 5
    Try to focus on your problem, rather than avoiding it. You may try to escape the issue by indulging your senses to keep from feeling the pain of a conflict. Be careful not to do this with food, alcohol, and drugs. You are capable of finding a highly creative solution to any situation the minute you put your mind to it. The answer lies well within your grasp.
  6. Balance Number 6
    Your Strength lies with understanding people and the underlying conditions of a conflict. But you can rely too heavily on friends and family to provide you solace instead of handling the situation directly and responsibly. You may be too likely to retreat to the good feelings provided by people not involved in your situation. Responsibility is the issue here. You helped create the situation in the first place, and you are an essential part of the solution. Accept your role.
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