Jargon pt.1

  1. allegory
    • writing with double meaning
    • writing has an extended metaphor where (ex.) characters are represented by a symbol
    • teaches a moral lesson
    • ex: Frog and scorpion "we're both arabs"
  2. anachronism
    • placing event, person, or item in wrong historical period
    • ex: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
    • Brutus: Peace! count the clock...
  3. antihero
    • protagonist is does not have all the traits of the traditional 'Hero'
    • might be clumsy or clownish --> at the end become a hero
    • ex: House
  4. antithesis
    • opposite meanings of phrases in same sentence
    • ex: Evil men fear authority, good men cherish it
  5. aphorism
    • a saying or principle
    • ex: Your children need you presence more than your presents
  6. apostrophe
    • addressing someone or something that is not physically present
    • ex: adressing the dead, death, or life as if they can understand
    • ex: Twinkle twinkle little star
  7. archetype
    • a basic idea of a character, situation, or action that later characters etc. are based on
    • ex: Red = symbol of blood, fire, or passion
  8. aside
    • dialogue spoken by a character addresed to the audience and the other characters on stage apparently can't hear him
    • ex: Romeo Romeo where art thou Romeo
  9. bathos
    • in attempt to make something passionate and serious it turns out silly or stupid
    • ex: "In the United States, Usama bin Laden is wanted for conspiracy, murder, terrorism, and unpaid parking tickets."
  10. caesura
    a pause separating phrases within lines of poetry
  11. catharsis
    a release of emotions which results in a relief from tension or anxiety
  12. chiasmus
    • rearrangement of the words
    • said first in one way and then said again switched around
    • ex: I lead the life I love, I love the life I lead
  13. colloquial
    • a word or phrase used everyday in releaxed speech
    • not street slang but not in formal writing
  14. conceit
    • extended metaphor which compares two dissimilar things
    • ex: lovers and a compass
  15. convention
    • common feature which is expected or traditional within a type of genre
    • ex: Fairy tales: prince and princes, little problem, then all lived happily ever after
  16. deus ex machina
    • where some super power comes out of nowhere to save the protagonist and cure him of all his problems
    • ex: Eragon's scars are magically cured by 'power of dragons' at Blood Oath ceremony
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