Aircraft Inspection

  1. Whats found in CAR 571?
    Maintenance Requirements
  2. Whats found in CAR 573?
    Approved maintenance Organizations
  3. What is Part 6 about?
    General operating and flight rules
  4. What is standard 625?
    Aircraft Equipment and Maintenance Standard
  5. Which appendix deals with elementary work?
    625 appendix A
  6. Which appendix deals with maintenance schedules?
    625 appendix B
  7. Which Appendix deals with "Out of Phase Tasks and Equipment Maintenance Requirements"
    625 Appendix C
  8. Which appendix deals with AD's?
    625 appendix H
  9. Which standard deals with MEL's?
    STD 625.07
  10. What is one way an Airworthiness limitation may appear?
    life limited parts
  11. Where is the list of tasks that are specialized maintenance found?
    CAR 571 schedule 2
  12. maintenance on an part 7 aircraft must be done in accordance with?
  13. minimum number of years of experience to hold a PRM position?
    6 years
  14. Can a non ame get signing authority in an AMO?
    yes through a SCA
  15. How long do you have to update your MPM once getting TC approval?
    30 days
  16. Who give calibration requirements for tools?
    tool manufacturer
  17. which appendix gives guidance for NDI in an AMO?
    CAR 571 Appendix K
  18. What 3 training areas does an AMO provide ?
    • Initial
    • Update
    • Additional
  19. Who grants an AME signing authority in a commercial operation?
    AMO grants signing authority
  20. What are 3 airworthiness limitations?
    • hours flight time
    • cycles
    • calander time
  21. when are airworthiness limitations issued?
    during the design stage
  22. when are ADs issued?
    After the design stage
  23. Periodic inspections are based on what time?
    Air time
  24. Preflight must be done and signed by whom?
  25. What is an out of phase inspection?
    • Calander items
    • emerg equipment
    • cycle life parts
    • ect
  26. 2 types of ADs
    • one time
    • continuous inspection ads
  27. When are test flights done
    when cant be done on the ground
  28. type of schedule used is dependant on 3 things
    • Aircraft design catagory
    • aircraft size
    • private or commercial registration
  29. What is needed to switch from periodic to progrressive inspections
    approval from transport
  30. Large aircraft can use what system of inspection
    reliability monitoring system
  31. what is the procedures during an inspection
    • Preinspection
    • examination
    • service and repair
    • Functional check
    • return to service
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