Terms 2 List

  1. anterior
    front of the body
  2. posterior
    back of the body
  3. thoracic cavity
    chest cavity
  4. trachea
  5. cervical
    pertaining to the neck of a body
  6. coccyx
    the tailbone
  7. coccygeal
    pertaining to the tailbone
  8. craniotomy
    incision of the skull
  9. epithelial
    pertaining to the skin cells
  10. larynx
    voice box
  11. bronchoscopy
    visual examination of the bronchial tubes
  12. cartilage
    flexible, fibrous connective tissue found in joints, nose and auricles
  13. laryngeal
    pertaining to the larynx
  14. lateral
  15. lumbar
    pertaining to the loins
  16. lymphocyte
    a type of WBC
  17. pharynx
    the throat
  18. uterus
  19. vertebra
    a backbone
  20. vertebrae
    plural of vertebra
  21. pelvis
    hip area
  22. thoracotomy
    incision of the chest
  23. abdomen
    space below the chest that contains the stomach, liver, intestines, etc
  24. cranial cavity
    space in the skull that contains the brain
  25. pelvic cavity
    space contained within the hipbones and the lower backbone
  26. spinal cavity
    space within the backbones that contains the spinal cord
  27. diaphragm
    muscle that separates the chest from the adomen
  28. disk (disc)
    pad of cartilage between each backbone
  29. esophagus
    tube leading from the throat to the stomach
  30. frontal plane
    the plane that divides the body from front to back
  31. sagittal plane
    the plane that divides the body from side to side
  32. coronal plane
    the frontal plane that pertains more specifically to the head
  33. transverse plane
    the plane that divides the body from top to bottom
  34. hypochondriac
    pertaining to beneath the ribs
  35. laparoscopy
    visual examination of the abdominal cavity
  36. mediastinum
    the space between the lungs
  37. musculoskeletal system
    organs that support the body and provide movement
  38. nervous system
    organs that transmit electrical messages throughout the body
  39. urinary system
    organs that produce and send urine out of the body
  40. respiratory system
    organs that allow air to enter and leave the body
  41. circulatory system
    organs that carry blood throughout the body
  42. ovary
    a female organ that produces eggs and female hormones
  43. peritoneal
    pertaining to the peritoneum (membrane that surrounds the organs in the abdomen)
  44. pituitary gland
    organ at the base of the brain that produces hormones
  45. pleura
    double membrane surrounding the lungs
  46. pleuritis
    inflammation of the pleura
  47. sacrum
    triangular bone at the base of the spinal column
  48. tracheotomy
    opening the trachea to the outside of the body
  49. ureter
    tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder
  50. urethra
    tube that leads from the bladder to the outside of the body
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