SAT Vocab B #4

  1. affirmation
    (n) a solemn or positive declaration
  2. alienate
    (v) to make someone previously friendly, to become unfriendly, to estrange
  3. benevolent
    (adj) inclined to be charitable, showing good will; kindly
  4. deliberate
    (v) to think carefully; to reflect
  5. delineate
    (v) to sketch out or trace; to portray in words or gestures; to make sharp or vivid
  6. elaboration
    (n) the process of working out in detail; the careful development of ideas by analysis or reason
  7. fanaticism
    (n) excessive, irrational zeal; monomania
  8. haughtiness
    (n) showing excessive pride or vanity; scorn
  9. intricate
    (adj) having many complexly arranged elements; difficult or requiring effort to understand or follow
  10. ominous
    (adj) threatening; foreboding; portentous
  11. rebuttal
    (n) the act of offering opposing evidence or argument
  12. reticence
    (n) reserve, uncommunicativeness
  13. stanch
    (v) to stop the flow, particularly of blood
  14. trepidation
    (n) alarm or dread; apprehension; fear
  15. vigor
    (n) physical or mental strength; capacity for growth
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