transferring fuel, munitions,supplies, and personnel from one vessel to another whileunder way.
  2. What two methods of unrep are used?
    VerticalREP(VertREP), ConnectedREP(ConREP)
  3. What is Conrep?
    two or more ships steam side by side, and the hoses andlines used to transfer fuel, ammunition, supplies, and personnel connect the ships.
  4. What is VertRep?
    is carried out byhelicopters. The ships may be in close proximity or miles apart, depending on the tactical situation and theamount of cargo to be transferred.
  5. Can VertRep and Conrep be used singlely or at the same time?
  6. ConREP main methods of concern are
    Refueling and Resupply
  7. When FAS, Fuel is pumped by a delivery ship which could be?
    AO-Fast Support Combat Ship. AOR-Replenishment Oiler AOE- Oiler
  8. What are the two most common refueling Rigs?
    Span-wire and Close-In Rigs.
  9. With the span-wire rig, Name the different types of Variations?
    Single hose, Double hose, and Probe.
  10. When would you use Close-In method?
    when the delivering ship is not equipped with thespan-wire rig or the receiving ship does not have apadeye strong enough to hold a span wire
  11. Can the Spanwire be Tensioned or Untensioned?
    Both, and its tensioned by a Ram Tensioner
  12. What does the word "STREAM" mean?
    standard tensioned replenishmentalongside method
  13. What does a Stream Transfer Consist of?
    all-tensioned rig,highline, outhaul, and inhaul
  14. What provides a catalog of the equipment used in the transfer of solid cargo and bulk fluids and gives a description of the methods used in UNREP.
    Underway Replenishment Hardware andEquipment Manual
  15. Who is responsible for the speed and and course of an Unrep operation?
    The OTC -Officer in Tatical Command
  16. Line-throwing gunners and bolo heavers must bewell-trained, and they must be outfitted in What Color identification?
    Red Helmets, Red Vest or LifeJackets.
  17. What is the Messenger?
    main line used to haul any basic rig across between ships.
  18. How big in FT is the STAR Messenger?
    800 ft. Also, when you are using a single -probe receiver then use the STAR MESSENGER
  19. Name the follwing saftey helmets colors?
    White Red Grey
    White w/red cross brown
    White w/green cross Purple
    yellow Blue
    green orange
    • White -Officer/CPO red- Line Gunner/Thrower Gunner-/Bold Heaver grey- All Others
    • White w/red cross - Corpsman brown-Winch Operator
    • White w/green cross -Saftey Officer Purple-Winch Watcher/ Repairman
    • Yellow-Rig Captain Blue-Line Handler/Deck Rigger
    • Green -Signalman & phone talker orange-Checker/Supply Personnel
  20. Stream rigs have 4 rigged saddles and a hose about how many ft long?
    300 FT of Hose.
  21. the untensioned span wire is referred to as
    An Convential Span-wire rig
  22. The tensioned span-wire method is reffered to as
    STREAM -Standard Tensioned Replenishment alongside method. :)
  23. The span-wire rig permits the ships to open out from ?
    140 ft to 180ft
  24. What is mandatory in double-probe rigs?
    A wire rope retrieving whip
  25. What consists of a ram cylinder, accumulator cylinder, air flasks, and an indicator assembly.(Tightens lines)
    The hydraulic ram tensioner
  26. One pound of air pressure on the accumulator causes about 10 pounds of line pull on the span wire. Thus, 900 psi in the air flasks maintains a tension of about...
    9,000 LBS of tension on span-wire
  27. The probe fueling system is a result of the Navy’sefforts to reduce _______ _______in replenishment operations.
    Alongside Time
  28. What secures the span wire and is an integral part of the swivel fitting.
    a Pelican Hook
  29. What is the difference between the rigging the Oiler and the Span-wire method?
    • Everything is the same except, the oiler uses a 7ft hose always. Also,
    • A special weak link replaces the pelican hook on the outboard end of the span wire.
  30. A pull of approximately __________ LBS is required to engage the probe; therefore, several personnel must be available forthe task
  31. During a Single-Probe Method Rig , one of the last things to do is Trip the wire but The span wire must _____ be tripped until the tension in it is relieved.
  32. What is the purpose of a double-hose probe ?
    makes it possible to transfer two different types of fuel from the same station or to transfer twice as much of the same type of fuel by using both hoses
  33. True or False: only carriers can be refueled with the double-probe
    TRUE, but an exception somewhat is that it can be used by two oilers to consolidate their loads.
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