chap 39 pharm asthma

  1. the two main physiocogic processes of the respiratory system are ---- and ----
    diffusion and ventilation
  2. a machine that vaporizes a liquid drug into a fine mist that can be inhaled is called a -----
  3. the two primary disorders classified as copd are .....
    emphysema and chronic bronchitis
  4. the process of gas exchange is called.....
  5. the respiratory rate which is normally ---per minute can be modified by factors such as ----,-----,----,and -----
    • 12-18
    • emotion
    • fever
    • stress
    • pH
  6. stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system results in bronchiole----
  7. ----uses a propellant to deliver a measured dose of drug to the lung during each breath
  8. -----is a severe prolonged form of asthma that is unresponsive to drug therapy and may lead to respiratory failure.
    status asthmaticus
  9. goals of drug therapy for asthma are twofold to ---- acute bronchospasm and to rduce the --- of asthma attacks
    • terminate,
    • frequency
  10. albuterol is an....
    selective beta 2 agonist
  11. bedesonide (pulmicort turbuhaler)
  12. salmeterol (servent) is a ....
  13. aminophylline (truphylline) is a .....
  14. when assessing a pt. for a respiratory disorder what three things are you looking at
    • inflammation
    • bronchoconstricion
    • dyspnea
  15. what classes would you see used for asthma
    • beta2 agonists
    • methylxanthines
    • glucocorticoids
  16. the nurse should educate the patient that serevent is not indicated for the termination of acute attacks for what reason
    it takes to long to act
  17. when administering glucocorticoids for the prophylaxis of nonpersistent asthma the nurse should know that these drugs are given most commonly by what route
  18. glucocorticoids improve asthma symptoms by which of the following mechanisms
    suppressing inflammation
  19. long term treatment of oral corticosteroids may cause whivh serious adverse effect
    adrenal atrophy
  20. candidasis of the throat is a common complication during therapy with which class of medications
    inhaled glucocorticoids
  21. the nurse should teach patients that the primary use of mast cell inhibitors in the treatment of asthma is what
    to prevent asthma attacks
  22. patients taking accoulate or singulair shoud be taught that they will see improvement with in what time frame
    1 week
  23. why are selective beta 1 agonists ineffective for treating asthma
    there are not beta 1 receptors in smooth muscle
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