sociology ch 5

  1. what is human nature?
    nature vs. nurture debate
    are we the way we are because of genetics or because our sociolization
  2. the process of sociolization?
    the process of learning and internalizing beliefs, values, and norms of our social group.

    process begins at birth

    language helps facilitate socialization
  3. what is self?
    the self is our personal identity that is different from others

    it is created through interaction through out our lives
  4. Agents of socialization
    are social groups that provide structured situations where socialization occurs.

    • Major agents include:
    • Family
    • schools
    • peers
    • media
  5. the family agent
  6. •The family is the single most significant agent of socialization in all societies and teaches us the basic values and norms that shape our identity.
  7. school agents
    provide education and socialize us throug hidden agendas that teaches many behaviors that will be important in life
  8. peer agent
    provide different social skills and often become more important than family agents
  9. media agent
    has become an important agent of socialization that often supper seeds all other agents
  10. resocialization
    procees of replacing values and norms with new ones
  11. total institution
    institution that cuts individuals off from the rest of society
  12. status
    postion in society that comes with expectations
  13. ascribed status
    when we are born a certain way, it is unlikely we will change
  14. achieved status
    status we have earned through individual effort
  15. role conflict
    when the roles of one status clas with another role
  16. role strain
    when roles associated with a single staus clash
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