9/13 Protein Structure

  1. AA Linked by peptide bonds

    Disulfide Bonds
    Primary Structure of Proteins
  2. Alpha Helix
    Secondary Structure of Proteins contain what
  3. Quaternary Structure
    Hemoglobin is what type of protein?
  4. Alpha Helix

    Folded Protein
    Teritary Structure
  5. primary structure
    The Amino Acid Sequence of a protein is referred to as its
  6. DNA (Genes)
    Each protein has a unique AA structure determined by what
  7. determin MOA

    determine 3D shape

    Molecular Pathology --> Cancer
    Why is it important to know the structure of proteins/amaino acid sequence of proteins?
  8. Sickle Cell Anemia

    2 Examples of single AA substitutions
  9. Always On
    constitutively active AKA
  10. Unregulated cell growth --> Cancer
    if an enzyme is constitutively active what happens
  11. Mutation of Glu6 to Val in hemoglobin
    Which enzyme mutation cx Sickle Cell Anemia
  12. Alpha Helixes

    Beta Helixes
    What are the 2 main secondary structures?
  13. Coil and Turn
    beta sheets and polypeptide segments without a distinctly folded arrangement are called
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9/13 Protein Structure
9/13 Protein Structure