ANTH 1140 Exam 1 Study Questions (rearranged)

  1. The _____________ provided a navigable route for transporting obsidian and greenstone from the __________ to the ___________.
    • Motagua River
    • Highlands
    • Caribbean Coast
  2. Between 30,000 - 2,000 BC Paleoindians entered the Americas following _______________.
    Plestoceine Megafauna
  3. __________ used a tool known as an atlatl to propel a style of large spear points known as clovis points.
  4. Corn, squash, and beans were the three major plants forming the basis of the ___________ diet.
  5. The earliest evidence of _______________ activity in the Maya region, excavated by Barbara Voorhies, is located on Cerro de las Conchas and consists of clam shells.
  6. Excavations by Richard “Scotty” MacNeish in the _______________ revealed that teosinte was domesticated to produce the plant we call corn.
    caves of the Tehuacan Valley
  7. The ____________ excavated by Richard Hansen appears to have functioned as a single polity identified with the glyph _________ during the PreClassic Period.
    • Mirador Basin
    • Kaan
  8. Iconic analysis of PreClassic _______ from ________ seem to illustrate parts of the story of the Hero twins from a tale transcribed in 1550 known as the Popol Vuh.
    • stelae
    • Izapa
  9. The Maya developed the _________ rather than the true Roman arch.
    corbel vault
  10. __________________ live around a central plaza, or plazuela.
    Extended families
  11. _________ used to make the ________ was derived from the Tuxtla Mountains.
    • Stone
    • Olmec heads
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ANTH 1140 Exam 1 Study Questions (rearranged)
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