Zachary's Animal Themes

  1. What is fiction?
    A fun story or tale that is not true.  A made up story
  2. What is non-fiction?
     A piece of literature or book that contains facts.  A true story.
  3. What is a habitat?
    A habitat is a place where a plant or animal lives naturally.  A habitat includes food, water, and shelter and allows an animal or plant to survive and reproduce. 
  4. What are some of the major types of habitats?
    Oceans, Seas, Deserts, Woods, Plains, Polar Regions, Savanna, Jungle, Rain Forests, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Mountains, Caves, Swamps, Ponds
  5. What does extinction mean?
    This species does not exist anymore.
  6. What does endangered mean?  Can you give an example?
    This is any species that is in danger of becoming extinct.  The Black Rhino, The Giant Panda, the Sumatran Tiger, the Asiatic Cheetah.
  7. What does threatened mean?
    Any species that is likely to become endangered in the future.
  8. How can we help threatened or endangered animals?
    • 1) Adopt an animal
    • 2) Don't use products that come from these animals.
    • 3) Don't pollute
    • 4) Don't hunt illegally.
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