1. What is Huaraz the center of in tourism sense
    moutaineering & trekking
  2. The trveler talks of the snowline and equator. what happens in the picture of the van immediately afterwards
    bag flew off
  3. why is the road to Trujillo often closed
  4. what is a we have shaman
    moutain guru alternative to doctors..yup
  5. what river is near lquitos:
  6. Which piranha is the most aggressive
    red bellied
  7. what is a collective
    shared taxi
  8. what are the Nazca lines why were they contructed
    drawings in the desert..gods can see them from the sky.
  9. highest navigable lake in the world
    Lake Titicaca
  10. why are the houses on the floating island waterproof when it rains
    the grass expands to keep water out
  11. red hats and red-and white hats mean
    red hats-married redWhite-single
  12. what city was heart of incan empire
  13. what is the other name for Cuzco
  14. in Peru, june 24th is the winter solstice. what is this date in canada
    summer solstice
  15. when the incas and spanish had the final battle, why did the Spanish win, even though outnumbered.
  16. the traveler waas joking when he put his ear near the train track and said the train was approaching. does this work:
    NO-gotta be on the track
  17. He said he lost 3 stone on the many LBs
  18. Name 2 cilizations prior to the inca
    The MOCHA and NAZCA culture
  19. WHen and why did the inca Empire end
    1532-Spanish took over
  20. Name 3 distinct geographical regions
    • Coastal desert
    • Andean highlands
    • Largely Undeveloped Amazon jungle
  21. What is the predominant religion
    Christian-roman catholic
  22. When was Machu Picchu Rediscovered:
  23. Name 5 things to shop for
    • inca walking sticks
    • mini handmade statues
    • alpaca wool items
    • ponchos
    • Woven- Straw items
  24. What is Ceviche de Corvina
    food DIsh---Ceviche de Corvina -white sea bass marinated in lemon, chilies & onions, served cold
  25. List 2 dos & dont
    • dos- Carry TP & expect to be kissed
    • dont- be distracted & do not count on a hot shower
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