A&P Sept 16 Pt. 2

  1. this describes the:
    bounded by the nuclear envelope a double layer membrane barrier separated by a fluid filled space.
    outer membrane is continuous with the rough ER
    Control center with DNA
  2. at various points the two layers of the nuclear envelope interconnected to form the edges of the ---
    nuclear pores
  3. forms aqueous transport channel and regulating entry and exit of mRNA and large particles in and out of the nucleus
    selectively permeable membrane
    nuclear pores
  4. this is where the 80S ribosomes are
  5. site of ribosome production
  6. body cells
    somatic cells
  7. to slow of production of these you die, to fast and you can get cancer
    somatic cells
  8. sex cells, sperm cells, egg cells, gametes are a result of
    gamete production
  9. when a cell is preparing to divide, chromatin threads coil and condense enormously to form short barlike bodies called
  10. DNA is in a string called
  11. ball of protein keeping two strands of chromatid together
  12. chromosomes are similiar not identitical and has the same genes on it
    homologous chromosomes
  13. different varieties of a gene
  14. same gene different alleles
  15. same gene same alleles
  16. the number of each KIND of chromosome
  17. two of the same kind chromosomes
  18. one chromosome
    haploid/ monoploid
  19. really bad in chromosomes
  20. if an armadillo has 22 different kinds of chormosomes what would the haploid number of chromosomes in their cells be
  21. if an armadillo has 22 different kinds of chromomes what would the diploid number of the chromosmes in their cells be
  22. between the exciting stages, the period from cell formation to cell division, bulk of the cells life. extremely important for a cell to divide.
  23. the cell is metabolically active, synthesizing proteins, rapidly and growing vigorously making more golgi, mitochondria, and ribosomes
    G1, doubling of organelles
  24. two chromatids because the string of DNA copies itself, every chromosomes have two chromatids, single strand goes to two, its counted as one chromosome
    S- DNA synthesis
  25. last push to become two cells
    G2 prtoeins synthesis
  26. mistakes made during the S phage of the cell cycle for somatic cells would have the ability to influence
  27. nuclear division resulting in two nuclei that are identicle in chromosome number to the original, only talking about what happens to the nucleus
  28. division of the cytoplasm. beings during late anaphase and completed after mitosis ends. the plasma membrane over the center of the cell is drawn inward to form a cleave furrow by the activity of a contractile ring made of actin, the furrow deepens until the cytoplasmic mass is pinched into two parts and that is the end of --- there are now to daughter cells
  29. chromatin condense forming barlike chromosomes are apart of what phase
  30. duplicated chromosomes appears as two identicle thread, now called sister chromatids, held together at a small constricted region called a centromere is apart of what phase
  31. as the chromosomes appear the nucleoli disappear and the two centrosomes separate from one another is apart of what phase
  32. o
    The centrosomes act as focal points for growth
    of a microtubule assembly called the mitotic spindle. As these microtubules
    lengthen they propel the centrosomes toward opposite ends of the cell

    is apart of what phase
  33. microtubules arrays called asters are seen extending from the matrix around the centrosomes, while the centrosomes are still moving apart the nuclear envelope fragments, allowing the spindle to interact with the chromosomes
  34. some of the growing spindle microtubules attach to the kinetochore special protein structures at each chromosomes centromere, the remaining spindle microtubules are calle dpolar microtubules. the microtubules slid past eachother foring the pole apart are apart of what phase
  35. the kinetochore microtubules pull on each chromosome from both poles in a kind of tug of war that ultimately draw the chromosomes to the exact center or equator of the cells is apart of what phase
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A&P Sept 16 Pt. 2
A&P Sept 16 Pt. 2