Unit 3 Vocab

  1. Abridge
    (v.) to make shorter
  2. Adherent
    (n.) a follower, supporter; (adj.) attached, sticking to
  3. Altercation
    (n.) an angry argument
  4. Cherubic
    (adj.) resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful, round, or chubby face; sweet and innocent
  5. Condone
    (v.) to pardon or overlook
  6. Dissent
    (v.) to disagree; (n.) disagreement
  7. Eminent
    (adj.) famous, outstanding, distinguished, projecting
  8. Exorcise
    (v.) to drive out by magic; to dispose of something troublesome, menacing, or oppressive
  9. Fabricate
    (v.) to make, manufacture; to make up, invent
  10. Irate
    (adj.) angry
  11. Marauder
    (n.) a raider, plunderer
  12. Obesity
    (n.) excessive fatness
  13. Pauper
    (n.) an extremely poor person
  14. Pilfer
    (v.) to steal in small quantities
  15. Rift
    (n.) a split, break, breach
  16. Semblance
    (n.) a likeness; an outward appearamce; an apparition
  17. Surmount
    (v.) to overcome, rise above
  18. Terminate
    (v.) to bring to an end
  19. Trite
    (adj.) commonplace; overused, stale
  20. Usurp
    (v.) to seize and hold a position by force or without right
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