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  1. To what old adventures is Beowulfs achievement compared to
    Hermond and Seigmond
  2. What does Beowulf say in his speech to Hrothgar, Is he modest?
    He would rather have Grendels body instead of his claws, he was not modest
  3. Why does Unferth give up his quarrel with beowulf
    He proved his stregnth
  4. What treasures does Hrothgar give Beowulf
    Helmets, an ancient sword, Several Horses, a golden banner and a necklace
  5. What does Welthow give beowulf
    A foaming cup of mead, a mail shirt, A necklace, Golden arm bands
  6. What does Hrothgar give to beowulfs men
    Armor and swords
  7. How does Wergild come in to play in the aftermath of the fight with grendel
    A dept is paid to the Family of the man the grendel ate before getting to beowulf
  8. Summarize the stroy of the feud between Hengest and Finn
    Hnaf was killed by fin and Hengest refused to leave finns Mead hall and then killed finn
  9. What does welthow ask beowulf to do?
    To protect her sons
  10. What is foreshadowed after the fight with grendel
    men sleeping with their weopens
  11. Why does grendels mom come to herot
    To seek revenge for the slaying of her son
  12. Who does Grendels mom carry off
    Aeschere, Hrothgars best friend, and Grendels claw and arm
  13. Why doesnt beowulf stop Grendels mom
    He was sleeping in a different hall
  14. Summarize Hrothgars description of Grendels lair
    Snake like roots, Windy evil cliffs
  15. What do the men discover at the end of Grendels lake
    Aescheres head
  16. What do they see in Grendels lake
    Snakes and boiling bloody water
  17. How is Beowulf equiped to fight Grendels mom
    Chain mail shirt, Hrothgars helmet, Unferths sword
  18. What are Beowulfs parting words
    He asks that his men be protected and his treasures sent to Higliac
  19. How does Beowulf get to Grendels mothers lair
    He swam
  20. WHy does Beowuf toss Hrunting aside
    It has no efect on grendels moms hide
  21. How does Grendels mom almost win
    He stumbled
  22. What does Beowulf use to kill Grendels mother
    a Sword hammered by giants
  23. What are the danes and Geats doing whilest Beowulf is fighting Grendels mom
    The danes left and the geats stay and wait for their prince
  24. What happens to the sword that is used to kill grendels mom
    the blade melts because of her boiling blood
  25. What does beowulf bring back from the lake
    Grendels head and the hilt of the blade forged by giants
  26. What happens to the lake after the defeat of grendels mama
    it becomes peacfull and is no longer infested by blood and monsters
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