Med. Term. Chp. 3

  1. pre -
  2. prenatal
    pertaining to (the period) before birth
  3. peri
  4. nat
  5. - al
    pertaining to
  6. perinatal
    pertaining to (the period) around birth
  7. post
  8. postnatal
    pertaining to (the period) after birth
  9. epi -
    above, upon
  10. epigastric
    pertaining to above the stomach
  11. gastr
  12. - ic
    pertaining to
  13. hypo -
    under, below, deficient
  14. hypodermic
    pertaining to under the skin
  15. derm
  16. infra -
    under, below
  17. infracostal
    below the ribs
  18. cost
  19. - al
    pertaining to
  20. sub -
  21. subnasal
    under the skin
  22. nas
  23. inter -
  24. intercostal
    between the ribs
  25. post -
    after, behind
  26. postnatal
    pertaining to (the period) after birth
  27. pre -
    before, in front of
  28. prenatal
    pertaining to (the period) after birth
  29. pro -
    before, in front of
  30. prognosis
    knowing before

    Prognosis is the prediction of the course and end of a disease and the estimated chance of recovery.
  31. gnosis
  32. retro -
    backward, behind
  33. retroversion
    turning backwards
  34. version

    Retroversion refers to tipping backward of an organ (such as the uterus) from its normal position.
  35. bi -
  36. bilateral
    pertaining to two sides
  37. later
  38. dipl -
  39. diplo -
  40. diplopia
    double vision
  41. - opia
  42. diplobacterial
    bacteria linked together in pairs

    Diplobacteria reproduce in such a manner that they are joined together in pairs.
  43. hemi -
    one half
  44. hemiplegia
    paralysis of one half of the body
  45. hyper -
    excessive, above normal
  46. hypercalcemia
    excessive calcium in the blood
  47. calc
  48. - emia
    blood condition
  49. macro -
  50. macrocyte
    large cell
  51. micro -
  52. microscope
    instrument for examining small (objects)

    The microscope is an optical instrument that greatly magnifies minute objects.
  53. mono -
  54. uni -
  55. monotherapy
    one treatment

    An example of monotherapy is treatment using only a single drug or a single treatment modality.
  56. uninuclear
    pertaining to one nucleus
  57. multi -
    many, much
  58. poly -
    many, much
  59. multigravida
    woman who has been pregnant more than once
  60. polyphobia
    fear of many things
  61. primi -
  62. primigravida
    woman during her first pregnancy
  63. gravida
    pregnant woman
  64. quadri -
  65. quadriplegia
    paralysis of four limbs
  66. tri -
  67. triceps
    three heads

    Triceps describes a muscle arising by three heads with a single insertion, as the triceps brachii of the posterior arm.
  68. ab -
    from, away from
  69. abduction
    movement of a limb away from (an axis of) the body
  70. - duction
    act of leading, brining, conducting
  71. ad -
  72. adduction
    movement of a limb toward (an axis of) the body
  73. circum -
  74. circumrenal
    pertaining to around the kidney
  75. peri -
  76. periodontal
    pertaining to around a tooth
  77. odont
  78. dia -
    through, across
  79. trans -
    through, across
  80. diarrhea
    flow through

    Diarrhea is a condition of abnormally frequent discharge or flow of fluid fecal matter from the bowel.
  81. transvaginal
    pertaining to across or through the vagina
  82. ecto -
    outside, outward
  83. ectogenous
    forming outside the body or structure

    An ectogenous infection is one that originates outsie of the body.
  84. exo -
    outside, outward
  85. exotropia
    turning outward (of one or both eyes)
  86. - tropia
  87. extra -
    outside, outward
  88. extracranial
    outside the skull
  89. endo -
    in, within
  90. endocrine
    secrete within

    Endocrine describes a gland that secretes directly into the bloodstream.
  91. intra -
    in, within
  92. intramuscular
    within the muscle
  93. para -
    near, beside; beyond
  94. paranasal
    beside the nose
  95. super -
    upper, above
  96. superior
    pertaining to the upper part of a structure
  97. supra -
    above; excessive; superior
  98. suprarenal
    pertaining to above the kidney
  99. ultra -
    excess, beyond
  100. ultrasonic
    pertaining to sound beyond (that which can be heard by the human ear)
  101. son
  102. a -
    without, not
  103. amastia
    without a breast

    Amastia may be the result of a congenital defect, an endocrine disorder, or mastectomy.
  104. an -
    without, not
  105. anesthesia
    without feeling

    Anesthesia may be a artial or complete loss of sensation with or without loss of consciosness.
  106. anti -
  107. antibacterial
    against bacteria

    Antibacterials are substances that kill bacteria or inhibit their growth or replication.
  108. contra -
  109. contraception
    against conception or impregnation

    Contraceptive techniques prevent pregnancy by means of medication, a device, or a method that blocks or alters one or more of the processes of reproduction.
  110. brady -
  111. bradycardia
    slow heart rate
  112. dys -
    bad; painful; difficult
  113. dystocia
    difficult childbirth
  114. - tocia
    childbirth, labor
  115. eu -
    good, normal
  116. eupnea
    normal breathing
  117. hetero -
  118. heterograft
    different transplant

    A heterograft, also called a xenograft, is a transplant of tissue from another species that is used as a temporary graft in certain cases, as in treating a severly burned patient when tissue from the patient or from a tissue bank is not available.
  119. homo -
  120. homograft
    same transplant

    A homograft, also called an allograft, is a transplant of tissue obtained from a member of the patient's own species. Commonly transplanted organs include bone, kidney, lung, and heart. Recipients take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent tissue rejection.
  121. homeo -
  122. homeoplasia
    formation of new tissue similar to that already existing in a part
  123. pseudo -
  124. pseudocyesis
    false pregnancy

    Pseudocyesis is a condition in which a woman believes she is pregnant when she is not and begins to develop all the physical characteristics associated with pregnancy.
  125. syn -
    union, together, joined
  126. syndactylism
    condition of joined fingers or toes

    Syndactylism varies in degree of severity from incomplete webbing of the skin of two digits to complete union of digits and fusion of the bones and nails.
  127. dactyl
    fingers, toes
  128. tachy -
  129. tachypnea
    rapid breathing
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