1. Projected beam smoke detectors are used?
    Used in artium, open areas, gyms
  2. Different initiating devices:
    Smoke detectors, heat detectors, flow switches, Manual pull switches, vane-type paddle switch, pressure vavles
  3. Initiating device:
    An initiating device is a device that initiates an alarm, supervisory, or trouble signal
  4. How many people died in 2005 due to fire?
    3675 A national fire protection Association (NFPA) study has found that many people died in the U.S.
  5. Fireman's telephone must be located:
    On every floor, stairwell exits, fcc room, pump room
  6. Secondary power supply for protected premises:
    check the batteries 24hr standby with 5 minute alarm. It is the first thing tested during a Fire alarm systems inspection (Conduct a 24hr battery test. Power to the fire alarm panel Must be disconnected 24hrs prior to the test unless otherwise indicated) Test requires that batteries are able to carry the full current load of the alarm system for at least 5mins. after being disconnected from power for 24hrs test all horn/strobe units and pull stations.
  7. First city with Fire Alarm standards?
  8. What city made it's own codes and standards in the early 20th century?
  9. Primary purpose fire alarm system?
    Life safety, property safety, business continuity, enviromental heritage
  10. Shop drawings represent address, cable/condutor routing, cable schedules (installation methods). Fire Alarm shop drawings represent drawings are used to?
    Install the System
  11. Code requirement based on occupancy type, occupancy loading, (egress) occupancy hazards present
  12. dBA for non-sleeping (public) areas is:
    15 above average ambient or 5 dBA above max
  13. Who enforces the specitications?
    The Designers
  14. Combination burglary/fire alarm used only in homes. Residential burglar alarm for commerical?
    No it has to be listed for dual if doing so
  15. What has most restrictions?
    Control system
  16. Actuation of a water sprinkler flow will?
    Gives you a full alarm. Actuation flow switch is used in sprinkler system (sends alarm signal)
  17. Fire stopping in NEC?
    300 (300.21 electrical fire stopped)
  18. Lines in blue prints:
    Match lines: zigzag lines. Buried or Hidden: dotted lines
  19. Coded alarm signals send not less than 3 complete rounds of the number transmitted. Code Alarm Signals:
    Tells you were it come from Sent to a station 3 times
  20. Trouble signals must appear within 200 seconds. Trouble signals must be on for:
    200 Seconds
  21. FPL
    Power-Limited Fire General use can be used within a floor, but cannot be used for risers (floor to floor), in other spaces used for enviromental air, or in plenum
  22. FPLR (riser)
    Power-Limited Fire Riser Use is to be used for risers (floor to floor): resist the spread of fire in a vertical direction
  23. FPLP (plenum)
    Power-Limited Fire Plenum use can be used in other spaces used for environmental air, or in plenum: it must be low flame producing, low smoke producing and must produce few toxic gases. (Most made from: Teflon, Halar, Kyner, Exar, Polyethylene and Polypropylene
  24. How to achieve circuit survivability?
    mi cable (mineral insulated) ci cable (circuit integrity) 2hr rated enclosure. not a class A routed in non combustible construction
  25. Kitchen hood suppression system: Ansul: Has 3 switches:
    s1-gas, s2-fire alarm s3-power/lighting. In an Ansul when s2-fire alarm system goes off.>1. sends an alarm signal 2. shuts exhaust fan off 3. dumps chemical
  26. First generic fire alarm device:
    Fusible link (not resettable) Heat detectors (single use) pg.74 fusible link detectors used where unheated areas, high temp. ambient, high humidity, required by AHJ or local codes (ansul systems)
  27. Resistence:
    Use Table 8 : Conductor Propeties L6 Q25
  28. What needs to be monitored on a disel fire pump?
    Phase loss, Temperature, Pump running ALL L7 Q11
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