Intro to Policy Analysis Quiz 2

  1. What are the rational stages of policy analysis?
    • Problem Definition
    • Select criteria (goals)
    • Indentify Alternatives
    • Consider Political Feasibility
    • Evaluation
  2. the process by which an innovation is committed in a variety of channels over time among the members of a social system
  3. the first place policy entrepreneurs operate their ideas and strategies for selling a policy innovation
    external policy network
  4. an issue-specific network comprised of individuals with established connections to the local policymaking community
    internal policy networks
  5. adjusting policies a little bit at a time
  6. A grooup with a definable institutional structure responsible for policy making in an issue area
    policy monopoly
  7. Your fundamental and/or religious values that you learn from birth are considered what type of beliefs?
    Core beliefs
  8. Distinguishing yourself from another religious denomination or saying that you believe abortion is legal "for health reasons" is a considered what kind of beliefs?
    peripheral or secondary beliefs
  9. What are the three types of streams in the Streams model?
    • problems
    • politics
    • policies
  10. How does the policy window fit into the Streams Theory?
    nothing happens unless a policy entrepreneur is forcing an issue through the policy window
  11. What is the differnece between serial and parallel changes according to the Punctuated Equilibrium?
    • Serial involves BIG, DRASTIC changes
    • Parallel is small, incremental changes
  12. What is the purpose of the Advocacy Coalition Framework?
    it deals with pilicy change between coalitions and how they can be influence to change
  13. WHat are the 4 models used to study the Policy Process?
    • Policy Process as a "system"
    • Multiple Streams
    • Punctuated Equilibrium
    • Advocacy Coalition Framework
  14. Describe a sample memo for an Exeutive Summary.
    • To: Their Name, Title
    • From: Your Name, Title
    • Date:
    • Subject:
  15. WHat are the 4 environments that the "black box" model is dependent on?
    • Structural Environment
    • Economic Environment
    • Social Enviornment
    • Political Mood
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