Art History Q2

  1. Illusionistic / Trompe-l'oeil
    A work that "fools the eye"
  2. Representional / Figurative
    An image that is true to life
  3. Non-representional
    An image that does not accurately depict real objects
  4. Idealized
    An image that is created according to an accepted standard of beauty
  5. Romanticized
    An image that appeals to as nostalgia, fancy, or mystery
  6. Stylized
    An image that depicts certain features as nonorganic surface elements
  7. Naturalism
    Images that achieve a convicing appearance of reality
  8. Texture
    The quality conveyed by the surface of an object
  9. Shading
    The gradual transition from light to dark on the surface of an object
  10. Shadow
    The dark area caused by an object blocking light
  11. Plane
    A flat surface having a direction in space
  12. Composition
    The overall form of a work of art
  13. Line
    A path traced by a moving point
  14. Shape
    An enclosed space
  15. Red, Yellow And Blue
    Three primary colors
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