psychology (Nursing)

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  1. Stress
    is a biological, psychological, social, or chemical factor that causes phsical or emotional tension and may be a factor in the etiology of certain illness
  2. Stress is now known to be a major contributor, either directly or inderectly to coronary heart disease, canver, lung ailmets, accidental injuries, cirrhosis, suicide....6th leading cause of death in the US
  3. In a state of deep relaxation, the respiration rate may slow down as much as 4-6 breathes and the heart rate to as low as 24 beats per minute, blood pressure abd the metabolic rate slow down, muscle tension diminishes, pupils constrictand blood vessels in theperiphery dilate leading to an increased temp and feeling of warthm in the extremities
  4. Beta activity
    when one is mentally alert and actively thinking
  5. Alpha activity
    a state of alert consciousness, creativity, memory, and the ability to concentrate...achieve my relaxing
  6. Methods of achieving relaxation
    • Deep breathing exercises
    • Progress relaxation
    • Modified or passive progresss relaxation
    • Meditation
    • Mental Imagery
    • Biofeed back
    • Physical exercise
  7. Biofeedback for relaxation
    • is the use of intrumentation to become aware of proces in your body that you usually do not notice and help bring them under voluntary control
    • -ex gives you feedback on heart rate, BP, sking surface temp, muscle tension, brain wave activity
    • - can treat spastic colon, hypertension, tension and migrane headaches, muscle spams, andiety, phobias, stuttering, and teeth greeding
  8. Studies indicate that physical exercise can reduce general anxierty and depression. Vigourous exercise increase which hormones?
    Beta endorphins (act as natural narcotis and mood elevators) and monoamies such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine in which they all implicated in mood regulation, depressed people usually have a deficit of the monoamines
  9. Low intensity physical exercise
    it has a little benifit to the cardiovascular system, but it can prevent obesity, relieve muscular tension, prevent muscles spam and increase flexebility
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