Latin Chapter Three Derivatives

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  1. piscary
    • the right or privilege of fishing in particular waters
    • a place for fishing
  2. puerile
    • of or pertaining to a child or to childhood
    • childishly foolish; immature or trivial
  3. convalesce
    to recover health and strength
  4. virile
    • of, pertaining to, characteristics of, or befitting a man; masculine; manly
    • characterized by a vigorous, masculine spirit
  5. chaste
  6. turpitude
    • vile, shameful, or base character
    • a vile or depraved act
  7. cadence
    • rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words
    • a rhyme pattern that is non-metrically structured
    • the flow or rhythm of events, especially the pattern in which something is experienced
    • a slight falling in pitch of the voice in speaking or reading, as at the end of a declarative sentence
  8. obstreperous
    noisy and difficult to control
  9. declamation
    the act of speaking aloud in an oratorical manner; make a formal speech
  10. deride
    to laugh at in scorn or contempt; scoff or jeer at; mock
  11. perspicacious
    having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning
  12. multitudinous
    • existing, occurring, or present in great numbers
    • comprising many items, parts or elements
  13. multilateral
    • having several or many sides
    • participated in by more than two nation, parties; etc
  14. solicitous
    • anxious or concerned
    • eager
    • careful or particular
  15. tenacious
    persistent, stubborn
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