Zane ch 4

  1. Niagara Falls is located between Lake _____ and Lake ______.
    Erie and Ontario
  2. Name 3 reasons why Niagara Falls is important to the Northeast.
    • 1. Millions of tourists come to see it each year.
    • 2. Power from falls runs machines.
    • 3. Electricity for area is produced.
  3. ________is produced by hydropower plants on the Niagara River.
  4. Name 3 mountain ranges that make up part of the Appalachian Mountains.
    • 1. Green Mountain
    • 2. Catskill Mountain
    • 3. White Mountain
  5. _____ and _____ are the only 2 states that do not border the Atlantic Ocean.
    Vermont and Pennsylvania
  6. Lake ____ is the largest of the Finger Lakes.
  7. Why do grapes grow well in the Finger Lakes Region?
    Warm air makes the growing season long.
  8. Why is water important to the growth of Cranberries?
    Water is used to freeze the bag, protects them from insects/disease, cb rise to the top when ready
  9. Name the 3 key steps in maple syrup production:
    • 1. drill hole & add spout
    • 2. take sap to sugar house
    • 3. sap is boiled, leaving syrup
  10. It takes about ____ gallons of sap to produce one gallon of maple syrup.
  11. How do many families in the Chesapeake Bay area make a living?
    Harvesting the sea
  12. ______are what the people who fish Chesapeake Bay are called.
  13. How does soil around Chesapeake Bay get polluted?
    Factories dump waste into soil
  14. How does the polluted soil get into Chesapeake Bay?
    Rain and snow wash into the bay
  15. What is one way in which people have tried to help save the bay?
    Chesapeake Bay Foundation
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