methods chapter 1

  1. What is science
    A method of inquiry- a way of learning and knowing things about the world around us.
  2. What are the two realities?
    Experietial and agreement.
  3. what is experietial reality?
    The things we know from direct experience.
  4. What is agrement reality?
    The things we consider real becuase we've been told they're real.
  5. How social scientific methods can be used to better understand crime and criminal justice policy.
  6. Everyday human inquiry draws on personal experience and secondhand authority
    Personal Human Inquiry
  7. The two important sources of secondhand knowledge.
    Tradition and Authority.
  8. What are the two pillars of science?
    Logic and Observation
  9. Characteristics or qualities that describe some object.
  10. Logical groupings of attributes
  11. seeks to understand a particualr group or individual as fully as possible.
    Idiographic explanations
  12. General explanation of a given event.
    Nomothetic explanation
  13. More open ended and expliratory ersearch. moves from specific to the general.
    Inductive research.
  14. More narrow reserch. Moves from the general to the specific.
    Deductive research.
  15. The two approaches to Social research.
    Quantitative and Qualitative.
  16. What is quantitative research?
    Numerical an objective approach.
  17. What is qualitative research?
    Its nonnumerical and very in depth.
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