9/19/11 (MA) Medical Vocabulary

  1. Therapeutic
    Treat or Cure a disease
  2. Prophylactic
    Prevent disease
  3. Diagnostic
    Detect disease
  4. Pill
    A small pallet of solid drugs molded into tiny spheres
  5. Capsules
    Small containers for drugs made of Gelatin (Edible, Looks like plastic)
  6. Powders
    Preparation of fine Ground drugs
  7. Suppositories
    Preparation of Drugs Mixed with Suppository Base such as coca butter & gelatin
  8. Lotions
    Solutions of Antiseptic or Astringent Drugs in Alcohol or Water
  9. Elixirs
    Fluid Preparation containing Alcohol, Syrup & Aromatic substances
  10. Ointment
    Solid Preparation in which drug is mixed with a Fatty Ointment base
  11. Aerosols
    Is solution suspended in a form of Mist
  12. Injections
    Forcing Fluid into a vessel or cavity
  13. Lumen
    Space within a Tube (Tube of Needle)
  14. Intramuscular
    Within a Muscle
  15. Diluents
    Agent that Dilutes substance or solution, to which is added
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9/19/11 (MA) Medical Vocabulary
9/19/11 (MA) Medical Vocabulary