Dental Assisting module 110

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  1. The professional organization for dentist.
    American Dental Assistants (ADA)
  2. The nationally recognized credential of the dental assistant who has passed the DANB certification examination and keeps current on practice through continuing education.
    Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)
  3. Voluntary standards of behavior established by a profession.
    Code of Ethics
  4. Oral healthcare professional trained to provide supportive procedures to the dentist and to patients.
    Dental Assistant
  5. Licensed oral healthcare professional who provides preventive, therapeutic, and educational service.
    Dental Hygienist
  6. Oral healthcare provider licensed to practice dentistry.
  7. Level of supervision in which the dentist is physically present when the dental auxiliary performs delegated functions.
    Direct Supervision
  8. Just, proper, and sufficient care, or the absence of negligence.
    Due Care
  9. Moral standards of conduct; rules or principles that govern proper conduct.
  10. Specific intraoral functions delegated to an auxiliary that require increased skill and training.
    Expanded Functions
  11. Level of supervision in which the dental auxiliary performs delegated functions according to the instructions of the dentist, who is not necessarily physically present.
    General Supervision
  12. The health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 specifies federal regulations that ensure privacy regarding a patient's healthcare information.
  13. Type of consent in which the patient's action indicates consent for treatment.
    Implied Consent
  14. Permission granted by a patient after he or she is informed about the details of a procedure.
    Informed Consent
  15. Professional Negligence.
  16. Dental specialty involved with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting tissues.
  17. Dental specialty that provides restoration and replacement of natural teeth.
  18. System that allows individuals in one state to obtain a license in another state without retesting.
  19. Latin
    Respondeat Superior
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