Points 1

  1. Jing
    • path channel
    • Implied vertical orientation
  2. Mai
    channel; meridian; vessel
  3. Jing Mai
    • vertical channels
    • man channels/primary channels
  4. Luo Mai
    horizontal channels
  5. Luo
    • Net, network
    • collecting/collateral channels
    • implied horizontal orientation
  6. Jing Luo
    collective term used for channel matrix

    • - tree
    • -web
  7. functions of 12 primary channels
    • -circulate qi and blood
    • -connect internal organs with each other (communicate)
    • -demonstrate the locations of disorders
    • -connect upper and lower regions of the body
    • -connect right and left side of the body
    • -nourish and irrigate the whole body (with qi/blood/yin fluids)
    • -transmit qi to the diseased area
    • protect the body from disease
  8. internal pathways
    where the qi enters the organs and body cavities
  9. tai yin
    • lung
    • spleen
  10. shao yin
    • heart
    • kidney
  11. jue yin
    • paracardium
    • liver
  12. yang ming
    • liver
    • stomach
  13. tai yang
    • small intestine
    • urinary bladder
  14. shao yang
    • san jiao
    • gallbladder
  15. how many luo connecting channels are there
  16. Functions of Luo Connecting channels
    • -they branch from the luo connecting point on the primary channel
    • -balance yin and yang of the limbs
    • -strengthen the relationship between yin and yang in the internal and external channels
    • -strengthen the integrity of the body surface and luo area
  17. divergent channels functions
    overall - balance and integrate

    • - balance yin and yang internally at organ level
    • -integrate areas of the body not supplied or interconnected by the primary channels
    • -run deep to strengthen the relationship between the yin/yang int/ext paired channels and zang fu organs
    • -distribute qi and blood to the head, face, and interior
  18. tendinomuscular/sinew channels functions
    • -distribute qi and blood to the body surface
    • -link the structure of the body connecting muscles, tendons, and ligaments to the joints
    • -allow movement of the body
    • -contribute for the integration of the surface with the interior
    • -protect the bones/body from trauma
  19. 8 extraordinary channels functions
    • -act as a reservoir of qi and blood by absorbing any excess qi and blood from the primary channles
    • -linked to the primary channels
    • -balance left/right, above/below, interior/exterior, back/front
    • -protect the body
  20. cutaneous regions
    • -skin regions
    • -an outward projection of each underlying channel
    • -are linked to the primary channels
    • (ex: how tui na works)
  21. minute collaterals
    • -aka "blood channels"
    • -a very small network of channels like capillaries
    • - how qi and blood get everywhere in the body
  22. full body
    75 cun
  23. prominence of the greater trochanter to the center of the patella
    19 cun
  24. upper border of the pubic symphysis to the medial epicondyle of the femur
    18 cun
  25. center of the patella to the tip of the lateral malleolus
    16 cun
  26. transverse gluteal fold to the popliteal fossa
    14 cun
  27. lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia to the tip of the medial malleolus
    13 cun
  28. anterior hairline to posterior hairline
    12 cun
  29. transverse cubital crease to transverse carpal crease
    12 cun
  30. anterior axillary fold to the tip of the 11th rib
    12 cun
  31. end of axillary fold to transverse cubital crease
    9 cun
  32. left to right mastoid processes
    9 cun
  33. st 8 to st 8
    9 cun
  34. midline to acromion
    8 cun
  35. nipple to nipple
    8 cun
  36. sternocostal angle to the umbilicus
    8 cun
  37. medial borders of the left and right scapula
    6 cun
  38. Lu 2 to the midline
    6 cun
  39. center of the umbilicus to the upper border of the pubic symphysis
    5 cun
  40. posterior hairline to the nape of the neck
    3 cun
  41. glabella to anterior hairline
    3 cun
  42. tip of the lateral malleolus to the heel
    3 cun
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