1. a-, an-
    no, not without, lack of apart (anoxia)
  2. ad-
    toward, near, to (adhesion)
  3. bi-
    two, double (bicuspid)
  4. de-
    take away, remove (dehydrate)
  5. di-
    two, double (diplopia)
  6. dia-
    through (as in running through), between (diarrhea)
  7. dif-
  8. dis-
    separate (diffusion)
  9. dys-
    bad, difficult, painful (dysfunctional)
  10. ec-, ect-
    out, outside, outer (ectoderm)
  11. end-, endo
    within, inner (endometrium)
  12. ep-, epi
    upon, over, above (epidural)
  13. eu-
    good, normal (euphoria)
  14. ex-, exo-
    out, away from (excrete)
  15. extra-
    outside, beyond (extrauterine)
  16. hyper-
    above, beyond, excessive (hypertension)
  17. hypo-
    below, under, deficient (hypodermic)
  18. in-
    in, into, not (infusion)
  19. mega-
    large, great (megalgia)
  20. meta-
    beyond, over, between, change (meastasis)
  21. para-
    beside, alongside, abnormal, near, beside (paracolitis)
  22. poly-
    many, much, excessive (polycystic)
  23. post-
    after, behind, following (postnatal)
  24. pre-
    before, in front of (premenstrual)
  25. pro-
    preceding, coming before (prognosis)
  26. super-
    above, beyond (supernutrition)
  27. supra-
    above, beyond (supracostal)
  28. acro-
    extremities; top or extreme point (acrodermatitis)
  29. aero-
    air (aerobic)
  30. aniso-
    unequal (ansiocytosis)
  31. brady-
    slow (bradycardia)
  32. emia-
    blood: condition of (anemia)
  33. hemi-
    one side, half (hemiplegia)
  34. hemo-
    blood (hemolysis)
  35. hetero-
    different (heterosexual)
  36. homo-
    same, resembling each other (homosexual, homogenous)
  37. hydro-
    water (hydotherapy)
  38. iso-
    equal, same (isotonic)
  39. lip-
    fat (lipidemia)
  40. mal-
    bad, poor (malaise)
  41. megalo-
    large, enlarged (acromegaly)
  42. meno-
    menses, menstruation (menopause)
  43. noct-, nyct
    night (nocturia, nycturia)
  44. pan-
    all, every (pandemic)
  45. per-
    through (perforate)
  46. peri-
    around, surronding (peritoneum)
  47. poly-
    many, much (polyuria)
  48. pyo-
    pus (pyorrhea)
  49. re-
    put back (rehydrate)
  50. syn-
    going together, united (synthesis)
  51. tachy-
    fast (tachycardia)
  52. ab-
    away from (abduction)
  53. circum-
    around (circumcision)
  54. contra-
    opposition, against (contraindicated)
  55. infra- (sub)
    below, under (infrasternal)
  56. intra-
    inside (intracellular)
  57. ipsi- / iso
    same / equal (ipsilateral)
  58. ir-
    into, toward (irrigate)
  59. meso-
    middle, pertaining to mesentery (mesoderm)
  60. meta- / supra
    after, beyond, over; change or transformation; folloing in a series (metastasis)
  61. retro-
    behind, backward (retroperitoneal)
  62. sub-
    under, near (submerged)
  63. trans-
    across, through (transverse)
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