Stress and Health Consequences

  1. Selye's definition of stress
    nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it

    • body reaction to change in person's life
    • includes all kinds of changes, even pleasant changes
  2. General Adaptation Syndrome
    • bodys rxn to any threat
    • progressed thru 3 stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion
  3. alarm
    brief period of high arousal of the sympathetic nervous system, readying the body for vigorous activity
  4. resistance
    • a stage of prolonged but moderate arousal
    • adrenal cortex secrete hormones that enable body to maintain high steady levels of activity, heal wounds, and fight inflections
  5. exhaustion
    characterized by weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and lack of interest
  6. McEwen defintion of stress (also the text's defintion)
    an event or events that are interpreted as threatening to an individual and which elicit physiological and behavioral changes
  7. Homeostasis
    the tendency of many body variables to remain nearly constant over time
  8. allostasis
    adaptive changes in the way the body regulates its level of various chemicals and activites in the face of some threat or change in the environment
  9. aloostatic overload
    the aggregate cost from an excessive or prolonged response to a threat
  10. HPA axis
    composed of hypothalamus, pitutary gland, and adrenal cortex

    hypo –> anterior piturtary –> release ACTH –> adrenal corext –> cortisol
  11. cortisol
    enhances metabolism and increases availablitiy of fuels
  12. immune system
    family of mechanisms that defend against bacteria, viruses, tumors, and other invaders
  13. leukocytes
    • white blood cells
    • diff. types: B cell, T cell, and natural killer cells
  14. B cells
    • mature in bone marrow
    • make antibodies
  15. antibody
    a Y-shaped protein that attaches specifically to one kind of antigen
  16. antigen
    proteins on the surface of the cell
  17. T cells
    • mature in the thalamus gland
    • attack intruders
    • help other T cells
    • help B cells multiply
  18. natural killer cells
    • attack tumor cells and cell that are infected with viruses
    • attack a wide variety of intruders
  19. Type A personality
    • marked by competitiveness, impatience, and hostility
    • no relationship btn heart disease and the competitive, success seeking of Type A personality.
    • however, perhaps for hostility
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