Tongue Diagnosis

  1. what is the significance of tongue diagnosis?
    • Shows state of qi and blood
    • progression of disease
    • hot and cold
    • penetration of evils
    • state of yin and yang organs
    • areas of tongue: 3 jiaos and zang-fu
  2. kid bladder are _ jiao
  3. gallbladder liver are the _ jiao
  4. lung and heart are the _ jiao
  5. redness on sides of tongue
    liver fire
  6. method of inspection
    sufficient light- natural light

    extending tongue

    stained tongue coating\ false signs
  7. Normal tongue body
    pale red, bright and moist, not too fat or thin, flexible
  8. normal tongue coating
    • thin, white, and even
    • If blocking the color of the tongue : thick
  9. normal tongue moisture
    between dry and wet
  10. color of tongue body reflects
    • conditions of hot/cold, yin/yang, yin organs, blood
    • state of blood, ying qi yin organs
    • 5 pathological colors
  11. five pathological colors
    • pale white
    • red
    • deep red (crimson)
    • purple
    • blue green
  12. pale white
    • blood or yang xu
    • blood xu - accompaying signs of blood xu
    • yang xu- swollen tongue, wet, too much moisture
  13. red
  14. deep red (crimson)
    extreme heat
  15. purple
    • blood stasis
    • bluish purple - blood stasis from cold
    • reddish purple - blood stasis from heat
  16. blue green
    interior cold from blood stasis
  17. tongue spirit tells
    • prognosis
    • thriving vs withered
  18. form of tongue indicates
    vacuity or repletion
  19. tough and tender
    • deficiency tends to be tender
    • toughness tends to be excess
  20. thin tongue
    • indicates deficiency of blood/fluids (ying)
    • (Def. of what - check tongue body)
  21. swollen tongue
    • swelling due to dampness/phlegm (often due to spleen xu)
    • Phlegm tends to be greasy
  22. prickles
    indicate extreme heat or toxic heat
  23. cracks / fissures
    often constitutional. Often hear from yin xu/excess heat
  24. tooth marks in tongue body
    spleen xu
  25. tongue sores
    heat (especially from heart fire)
  26. vessels on underside of tongue
    discoloration or swelling - blood stasis
  27. flaccid/limp tongue
    • -xu of body fluid/ xu of qi and xue
    • -extreme heat due to yin xu
  28. stiff tongue
    • -interior wind/blood stasis (if purple)
    • -phlegm misting the heart orifices
    • -wind stroke
  29. termbling-quivering tongue
    • -qi xu
    • -xue xu with interior wind
    • -liver yang rising engendering internal wind
  30. deviated tongue
    • -internal wind
    • -wind sroke
  31. contraction-short
    • -If pale (internal cold)
    • -extreme yin xu
    • -congenital short fremulum
  32. long
    tendency to heat/heart fire
  33. tongue coating shows
    state or yang orgnas especially the stomach qi
  34. production of tongue coating
    digestive activity of the stomach
  35. normal stomach fur
    thin white
  36. thickness of stomach fur
    • as disease gets stronger, the coat gets thicker
    • thickness - disease is internal in zang/fu
  37. moisture
    • too moist vs dry
    • state of body fluids. Too moist - yang xu
    • dry - heat or excess
  38. slimy
    • greasy
    • phlegm (phlegm heat/phlegm damp)
  39. beancurd
    • Not rooted
    • due to food stagnation
  40. white color coating
    external attack/cold and damp pattern

    thin white - normal

    thin white - damp/phlegm
  41. yellow tongue coating
    heat (internal heat)
  42. Gray/black tongue coating
    extreme cold/ extreme heat
  43. tongue coating presence and absence of fur
    stomach qi - condition of yin fluids
  44. rooted tongue coating
    coating should be rooted. Tells us stomach qi is strong.
  45. No stomach coat root/easily scraped off
    • right qi is debilitated
    • Stomach qi is weak
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