Reflexive Verbs

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  1. acordarse
    to remember
  2. afeitarse
    to shave
  3. acostarse
    to lie down
  4. banarse
    to bathe
  5. ducharse
    to shower
  6. enojarse
    to get mad
  7. irse
    to go away
  8. lavarse
    to wash
  9. ponerse
    to put on
  10. preocuparse
    to worry about
  11. quitarse
    to take off
  12. sentirse
    to feel
  13. cepillarse
    to brush
  14. despedirse
    to say good bye
  15. dormirse
    to go to sleep
  16. despertarse
    to wake up
  17. levantarse
    to get up
  18. llamarse
    to be called
  19. maquillarse
    to put on make up
  20. peinarse
    to comb ones hair
  21. probarse
    to try on
  22. quedarse
    to stay
  23. sentarse
    to sit down
  24. vestirse
    to get dressed
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