1. Standalone Development are both the?
    Clint and serverImage Upload 1
  2. Standalone Development consists of?
    Image Upload 2
    Windows XP or later .NET Fromwork4 Visual Studio 2010 Optional: IIS, SQL Server
  3. Local area network development requires?
  4. FPSE
    Front page Server Extension
  5. LAN development the client uses?
    • Windows XP or later .NET Fromwork4 Visual Studio 2010
    • Image Upload 3
  6. LAN Development the server uses?
    • Windows server 2003 or later, .NET Framework, IIS 6.0 or later SQL Server, FPSE
    • Image Upload 4
  7. With ___ _____ _____ development setup more than one programmer can work on an application at a site at the same time.
    Local Area NetworkImage Upload 5
  8. With ___ _____ _____ development setup more than one programmer can work on the same application at different locations.
    Internet development
  9. Windows XP or later .NET Fromwork4 Visual Studio 2010 is components of what development for the client?
    Internet and LAN DevelopmentImage Upload 6
  10. Internet development server requirements are?
    Windows Server 2003 or later, .NET framework, IIS 6.0 or later FTP server SQL ServerImage Upload 7
  11. FTP server uses File transfer Protocol to transfer files between?
    The client computer and the server
  12. FTP
    File Transfer Protocol
  13. Image Upload 8
    Image Upload 9
  14. What two components are the framework divided into?
    .Net framework class Library and the common Language Runtime
  15. Within the structure related classes are organized into groups called?
  16. Namespaces contains the classes used to support a particular function.
  17. CLR
    Common Language Runtime
  18. .Net Applications can be written in?
    VB, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual F#
  19. The CLR manages the execution of .Net programs by coordination essential functions as?
    Memory management, code execution security
  20. MSIL
    Microsoft Intermediate Language
  21. IL
    Intermediate Language
  22. All .NET programs are compiled into ___ or ___which is stored on disk in an assembly.
    MSIL or IL
  23. Component of the CLR that ensure that all .NET applications use the same data types regardless of what programming languages are used to develop the application.
    Common Type System
  24. Client Browser sends a _____ and the Server looks for the specific ____ and the server sends a _____
    • HTTP requests, HTML file HTTP response
    • Image Upload 10
  25. These Web pages are not stored on dick but instead are generated by the application.
    • Dynamic web page
    • Image Upload 11
  26. The entire process that begins with the browser requesting a web page and ends with a the page being sent back to the client is called?
    Round trip
  27. When a user clicks on a control to start an HTTP request it is called?
    Postback or posting back to server
  28. This is an example of a ____ url
    Image Upload 12
  29. What are the missing Labels?
    Image Upload 13
    Image Upload 14
  30. This is an example of a ____ url
    Image Upload 15
  31. Image Upload 16
    Image Upload 17
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