Virginia Folkways

  1. Who encouraged cavaliers to emigrate to the VA and why?
    • Sir William Barkeley
    • To create order
  2. What did Barkley give the cavaliers?
    • High offices
    • Large estates
    • A rulling place in an oligarcy
  3. What was Barkley's goal for the colonies?
    To recreate social life
  4. Who were the Cavaliers?
    • They came from ruling families
    • Younger sons
  5. What were the origins of VA?
    2/3 of the ppl cam from S. and W. part of england
  6. What was the religion on VA?
    Anglican (Book of Common Prayer)
  7. What was the form of the churches?
    Cruciform plan
  8. How did ppl in VA talk?
    • With their throat (not nose)
    • Added syllables
    • S. and W. English dialect
  9. What was in the VA environment?
    • Chesapeake bay
    • Good soil (agriculture)
  10. How much higher was the death rate than New England's?
    2 x's
  11. What was the architecture like?
    Often exactly like middle sized manors in S. and W. England except wood was used
  12. Was family important?
  13. How were families stereo typed?
    By their trates
  14. How were families burried?
    Extended families burried together
  15. Why were there many step-parents?
    3/4 of children lost parents b4 18
  16. What did gentlemen take pride in?
    Hospitality (even strangers)
  17. What type of class was "visiting" their profession?
    Class of impoverished gentlemen
  18. What was Marriage like?
    • Arranged
    • Bloodlines important
    • Divorce didnt exist
  19. What was education considered?
    • For rich ppl only
    • A sign of power
  20. Who was educated?
    • 100% of rich white males
    • Less than 25% of women could write their name
  21. Why was education Powell to the poor?
    Education brought disobediance
  22. What education was offered to the wealthy?
    • Private tutors until collage
    • Collage of William and Mary
  23. What were the 2 marriage ceremonies?
    • 1) elaborate 5 step process in Church of England
    • 2) ancient pagan practice of jumping the broom
  24. Were the ages of married couples different?
  25. How many children died?
    1/2 b4 adulthood
  26. What was the goal in raising children?
    To let them know about their place in social society
  27. What was Noblesse Oblige?
    The idea that the upper class have the responsibility and right to take care of those under them
  28. What was dinner like?
    • A ritualistic fine art for the rich
    • Feasts were common among the poor
  29. What were the dress way?
    According to social class
  30. How did the rich hunt?
    For stag and fox
  31. How did the lower class hunt?
  32. What was another high status sport?
  33. How did VA gentlemen work?
    Harder than they cared to admit
  34. How did the VA gentlemen handle their money?
    With factors
  35. Were VA gentlemen debtless?
    No, they liked to show off their money which brought them alot of debt
  36. Who owned most of the land?
    10% of adult males owned 75% of productive assests
  37. How did the rich people own so much land?
    • Through indentured servants
    • Also granted estates
  38. Primogeniture
    • Came from england
    • The giving of the land to oldest son
  39. Entail
    The land must be kept together as a unit
  40. How did the rich men feel about freedom?
    • They were aware of their english liberties
    • Never occured that liberty belonged to everyone
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