New England Colonies

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  1. Were does the name Massachusetts derive from?
    An indian name
  2. Who and what is a separatist?
    • The pilgrims that seperated from the church of England
    • To go away from
  3. What did the VA Company of Plymouth do and when did they do it?
    It was a company set up by the king to get rid of the puritans in 1620
  4. How many people went to the colonies and what percentage of those people were pilgrims?
    • 102 people
    • 50% were pilgrims
  5. What ship did they arrive to the colonies in?
  6. Who was the captain of the Mayflower?
    Myles Standish
  7. There was a child born on the ship. What was the child named?
  8. What was the mayflower compact?
    An agreement which stated to live under the laws of the community
  9. What was Plymouth rock?
    Where the people first set foot?
  10. Who helped them?
    Squanto (amd indian who learned english through slavery)
  11. What happened to the population by spring?
    • It dropped from 102 to 42
    • Everyone would have died without Squanto
  12. Who was the governor of Plymouth?
    William Bradford
  13. When did they merge with Massachusetts bay?
    In 1961
  14. Why did Charles 1 suppress the puritans?
    They wanted to cleanse the Church of England
  15. What did the king do with the Puritans?
    He sent them, in 17 ships, north of Plymouth on 1630
  16. What was the Great Puritan Migration?
    • When all of the Puritans just lefy England
    • 11,000 -> English colonies
    • 48,000 -> west Indies
    • 75,000 -> just left England
  17. Who was the first governor of Massachusetts bay?
    • John Winthrop (successful attourney and lord)
    • Governor for 19 years
  18. What was Winthrop's famous speech? What was it about?
    • "A City Upon a Hill"
    • God had made a covenant for manifest destiny
    • And idea to stretch America from sea to sea
  19. Was was the government of Massachusetts Bay?
    • Theocracy
    • You had to be a church member to vote
  20. What happened to government in Massachusetts Bay when nobody voted?
    They created a "half way covenant" which meant you didnt have to be converted
  21. Who was the founder of Rhode Island?
    Roger Willams (pastor)
  22. Where did Roger Williams get kicked out from? Why?
    • Massachussets
    • Bc he had the idea that:
    • 1) puritans needed to pay indians for land
    • 2) divide church and government
  23. What did Roger Williams do when he founded RI?
    • He welcomed all religions
    • There was a total seperation of the Chirch amd state
  24. Who was Anne Hutchinson? What did she do?
    A mother of 14 who was banished in 1638 (went to RI) for challenging the puritans
  25. What is antinomianism? Who created it?
    • It meant if you were truly saved then you dont have to obey law of God or man
    • Anne Hutchinson
  26. Who founded New Hampshire?
    Revered John Wheelwright (he was expelled for teachings) in 1637
  27. Who was the founder of Connecticut?
    Thomas Hooker (a puritan pastor) in 1636
  28. Why did Thomas Hooker leave to Connecticut?
    For more fertile land (river valley)
  29. Who made the 1st constitution? What was it called?
    • Connecticut
    • Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
    • Democracy controlled by citizens
  30. What was the New England confederation?
    • From 1634-1684 four colonies came together to defend themselves against indians, french, and dutch
    • RI not included (blackballed)
  31. Who started King Phillips War? Why?
    • Metacon (called king Phillip by settlers) an indian cheif
    • To stop colonial expansion
    • They assault/attack the English villages
  32. Who was hit the hardest in King Phillips War?
    Western settlers
  33. What happened to King Phillip?
    The settlers killed him
  34. What were the results of King Phillips War?
    • Lasting defeat in Northeast colonies
    • Slowing westward settlement
  35. What is salutatory neglect?
    Very little attentiom was payed to the colonists by England
  36. What is mercantilism?
    • Idea that colonies exist to benifit the mother country
    • The colonies are only suppose to trade w/ Britain
    • Navagation laws passed
    • American smuggled
  37. What is the Dominion of England?
    James 2nd wanted to increase royal control over colonies by combining them into administrative units.
  38. What were the combined colonies included in the Dominion of New England?
    • New York
    • New Jersey
    • New England colonies
  39. What did the new governor of the new England dominion want? Why?
    Wanted to increase efficiency in administration of colonies and navigation laws because new taxes, limitations on town meetings, and revocation of land titles.
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