SPA 301 Prepositions & Verbs

  1. end of, get rid of, finish
    acabar de
  2. be agreed in, remember to, remember
    acordarse de
  3. rejoice in, glad
    alegrarse de
  4. to learn something, to learn how
    aprender a
  5. aid to, help
    ayudar a
  6. begin to, start
    comenzar a
  7. consent in, agree to
    consentir en
  8. agree in, agree on
    convenir en
  9. start to, begin to
    empezar a
  10. insist on, stress
    insistir en
  11. to go to something,
    ir a
  12. arrive at, reach
    llegar a
  13. forget of, forget about
    olvidarse de
  14. stay in, remain in, be in
    quedar en
  15. complain of, complain about
    quedarse de
  16. sit down to, sit down and
    sentarse a
  17. end of, finish
    terminar de
  18. come, come to
    venir a
  19. return to, again
    volver a
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SPA 301 Prepositions & Verbs
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