OT ch 4 pt 2

  1. biopsy
    • surgical removal of tissue for evaluation
    • when involving the skin, it includes various forms: incisional ((cutting into the skin), excisional (cutting tissue out), and shave (scraping the skin to remove sample)
  2. debridement
    removeval of diseased or dead tisue and foreign matter from a wound
  3. dermabrasion
    removal of skin scars with abrasives, such as sandpaper
  4. dermatoautoplasty
    surgical repair that uses the patients skin for a skin graft
  5. dermatoheteroplasty
    surgical repair that uses skin from a source other than the patient for a skin graft
  6. dermatome
    an instrument used to cut skin
  7. dermoplasty
    surgical repair of skin
  8. emollient
    an agent that softens of smoothes the skin
  9. hypodermic
    a procedure, such as an injection, inoculation, or incisional biopsy, that involves the subcutaneous area (below skin)
  10. onychectomy
    excision of a nail
  11. percutaneous
    pertaining to through the skin
  12. rhytidectomy
    excision of wrinkles
  13. rhytidoplasty
    surgical repair of wrinkles
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OT ch 4 pt 2
OT ch 4 pt 2