1. What are a few pejorative terms in which People with mental illnesses have been described?
    • -demon possessed
    • -lazy
    • -dumb
  2. What is abnormal psychology?
    The scientific study of troublesome feelings (emotions), thoughts (cognition), behaviors associated with mental disorders.
  3. What are some characteristics of people who may be abnormal?
    • -deviance from the norm
    • -maladaptive
    • -experience of personal distress
  4. What is a psychological disorder?
    • -frequency
    • -deviations from the average
    • -eccentricity
    • -violations of social norms
  5. What three dimensions are sought upon when examining mental disorders over a continuum?
    • 1) emotions (feelings)
    • 2) thoughts (cognition)
    • 3) behavior
  6. Define victimization.
    Your current state results from factors beyond your control.

    -no responsibility for your problem
  7. What is empowerment?
    Everything is under your control.
  8. Define primary intervention.
    Targets large groups of people who have not developed a mental disorder to decrease overall rates of a given problem.
  9. Define secondary prevention.
    Addresses problems while they are still managaeble and before they become resistant to intervention.
  10. Define tertiary prevention.
    Reduces duration and negative effects of a mental disorder after it it occurs in an individual.
  11. Define stigma.
    A characterization of others of disgrace or reproach (disapproval) based on an individual characteristic.
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