American Government Exam 1

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  1. Republic
    System of government in which the populace selects representatives, who play a significant role in governmental decision making.
  2. Preemption
    The principle that allows the national government to override state or local actions in certain policy areas.
  3. Suffrage
    The right to vote.
  4. Politics
    Conflict over the leadership, structure, and policies of governments.
  5. Separation of powers
    The division of governmental power among several institutions that must cooperate in decision making.
  6. Political culture
    Broadly shared values, beliefs, and attitudes about how the government should function.
  7. Unicameral legislature
    Having a legislative assembly composed of one chamber or house.
  8. Checks and balances
    Mechanism through which each branch of government is able to participate and influence the activities of other branches.
  9. Oligarchy
    A form of government in which a small group-nlandowners, military officers, or wealthy merchants controls most of the governing decisions.
  10. Bicameral legislature
    Having a legislative assembly composed of two chambers or houses.
  11. Judicial review
    The power of the courts to review and declare actions of the legislative and executive branches invalid or unconstitutional.
  12. Popular sovereignty
    A principle of democracy in which political authority rests ultimately in the hands of the people.
  13. Political equality
    The right to participate in politics equally, based on the principle of “one person, one vote”.
  14. Government
    Institutions and procedures through which a territory and its people are ruled.
  15. Concurrent power
    Authority possessed by both the state and national government.
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