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  1. Field dimensions:
    • 80x40 yards (if avalible)
    • This field shall be 100 yards in length, divided into 4 zones of twenty yards each between two end zones of ten yards each.
  2. How many downs are allowed?
    • 4
    • each team will have four consecutive downs to advance the ball into the next zone or to score a touchdown
  3. What materials are needed to play?
    • Football
    • Spot discs
    • Jerseys/Pennies
    • Flag belt
    • other
    • Gloves
    • Headwear
    • Shoes
  4. Football:
    Official ball must be a regulation-sized pebble-grained leather or rubber covered football
  5. Men use what size football?
  6. Women use what size football?
    intermediate, junior, or youth size
  7. How many spot discs are required?
  8. what are the two spot discs used to mark?
    • 1. mark the offensive scrimmage line
    • 2. mark the defensive scrimmage line, one yard away from the offensive line of scrimmage
  9. Flag belt:
    • Each player must wear a one-piece belt at the waisline with three flags permanently attached.
    • Both teams must have contrasting color flags
  10. How many players are required for each team?
    • At least 8
    • 5 players are required to avoid a forfeit
  11. The offensive team must have ___ players on the line and ___ in the backfield
    • 5 on the line
    • 3 in the backfield
  12. The defensive team must have ___ players on their line, and must line up at least ___ yard off of the ball
    • 2 players on their line
    • 1 yard off of the ball
  13. How must the defensive players line up?
    They must be lined up 1-yard outside of the ball and no further outside than off the outside foot of the offensive tackle or outside the normal pocket width (1 yard either side of the ball), whichever is smaller.
  14. Can defensive linemen penetrate between the lineman and the center?
    • No
    • There is a no rush zone in the middle
  15. How many defensive players are allowed to blitz?
    2 (the defensive linemen)
  16. When can the defense blitz?
    • after 5 seconds
    • or when the ball has left the area between the two guards/tackeles
  17. Is tackling allowed?
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