Toxicity Antidotes

  1. Antidote for Acetaminophen taste like rotten eggs can be intravenously
  2. Serum that contains antitoxins specific for venomous bites or stings
  3. Used to treat anticholinesterase inhibitor, cholinergic, and organophosphate poisonings common in insecticide or nerve gas poisoning
  4. Used in treatment of arsenic, gold, and mercury poisoning.
  5. Used in the reversal of methotrexate high dose therapy, treatment of accidental methotrexate overdose and other cancer treatment regimens
    Calcium Leucovorin
  6. a kit to tream cyanide poisoning via IV, inhaled and infuse
    Cyanide Treatment Kit
  7. Used in the treatment of serotonin syndrome. Used in all patients with a core temperature over 38.5C
  8. Given by injection to treat iron intoxication or overload
  9. Used in the treament of digoxin and digitalis toxicity
  10. Used in the treament of digoxin and digitalis toxicity
    Digoxin Fab Fragments
  11. Treatment of methanol or thylene glycol poisoning. Antifreeze is common source for ethylene glycol Illegal alcohol is common source of wood alcohol poisoning
  12. Used in the treatment of lead poisoning
    Edetate Calcium Disodium
  13. Used to treat digitallis toxicity and hypercalcemia. DO NOT confuse with edentate calcium disodium!
    Edetate Disodium
  14. Used to treat benzodiazepine toxicity
  15. Used to treat methanol or ethylene glycol poisoning. Easy to use better for liver
  16. Used to treat methemoglobinemia caused by benzene exposure, excessive nitrate exposure, or certain genetic diseases Also used for surgical marking and fistula location
    Methylene Blue
  17. Used to reverse narcotic depression, including respiratory depression induced by opioid narcotics
    Naloxone Injection
  18. Used to treat effects caused by anticholinergic drugs and neuromuscular blockers.
  19. Used to treat organophosphate poisoning. Common in insecticide overexposure or nerve gas poisoning
  20. Used to treat heparin overdose. Weak anticoagulant itself, but reacts with heparin to form a salt and both lose their anticoagulant effect. Not good for Fish Allergies
    Protamine Sulfate
  21. Used to treat hyperkalemia Administered orally or rectally
    Sodium Polystyrene
  22. Used to treat cyanide and toxic drug overdoses Has strong nucleophilic properties
    Sodium Thiosulfate
  23. Used to treat isoniazid toxicity, a TB drug.
    Vitamin B6
  24. Used to treat warfarin toxicity and reversal of clotting factor dysfunction
    Vitamin K-1
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