Geog Exam 3

  1. Pandemic
    an outbreak of a disease that spreads worldwide
  2. rift valley
    the trough or trench that forms when a strip of the earth's crust sinks between two parallel faults
  3. endemic
    a species or disease that is high localized in it spatial extent
  4. epidemic
    a local or regional outbreak of a disease
  5. colonialism
    rule by an autonomous power over a subordinate and alien people and place. although often established and maintained through political structures, colonialism also creates unequal cultural and economic relations.
  6. exclave
    a bounded piece of territory that is part of a particular state but lies separated from it by the territory of another state. Alaska is an exclave of the United States.
  7. apartheid
    a system that produced highly segregated socio-geographical patterns. (apartness)
  8. caste system
    strict social stratification and segregation of people on the basic of ancestru and occupation.
  9. social stratification
    in a layered or stratified society, the population is divided into a hierarchy of social classes.
  10. irredentism
    a policy of cultural extension and potential political expansion by a state aimed at a community of its nationals living in a neighboring state.
  11. insurgent state
    territorial embodiment of a successful guerrilla movement. the establishment by antigovernment insugents of a territorial base in which they exercise full control; thus a state within a state.
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