1. Name the 7 landform regions
    • * Appalachians
    • *Interior plains
    • *Innuitian Mountains
    • *Western cordillera
    • *Canadian shield
    • *Great lakes, St.lawrence Lowlands
    • *Hudson Bay- Arctic Lowlands
  2. What are the three things that differ between each landform region
    Highland Lowland and Canadian Shield
  3. What landform Regions are in the lowlands
    • *Interior Plains
    • *Great Lakes-St.Lawrence Lowlands
    • *Hudson Bay-Arctic Lowlands
  4. Describe the Interior Plains
    • *Wide open level to hilly area
    • *made of sedimentary rock
    • *Glaciers left excellent soil
    • *Erosion carved area into 3 escarpments
    • *Once covered by inland sea
  5. Describe the great lakes-St.lawrence lowlands
    • Low Lying
    • Sedimentary rock formed by ancient seas
    • *most southernly and smallest landform
    • *large lakes rolling hills
    • *deep soil, glaciers
  6. Describ Hudson Bay-Arctic Lowlands
    • Arctic: Many islands are icebound for most year
    • level to rolling area
    • Partly flooded by sea
    • hudson Bay;
    • Very flat,swampy and poorly drained
    • *very little vegetation
  7. what are the landforms in the highlands
    • Appalachians 1st
    • Innuitian mountains 2nd
    • Western Cordilleran 3rd
  8. Describe Appalachians
    • OLD round fold mountains(old people hunched)
    • Erosion and glaciers have worn them down
    • Jagged coastline, natural harbour
    • All three rock types
  9. Describe the Innuitian Mountains
    • MIDDLE AGED mountains, covered in permanent ice and snow
    • Mostly sedimentary with some other rock types
    • Parents up north (inuits)
  10. Describe Western Cordillera
    • Young high peaked mountains; erosion hasnt had time to wear them down yet
    • Include The Coastal mountains, rocky mountains and Interior Plateau
    • Sedimentary at the peak of each mountain
  11. Describe the Coastal mountains
    • West, On the coast
    • formed as a result of subduction
    • Igneous and metamorphic
    • In some ways the sea offers the best way to get around
    • Long fiords
  12. Describe the Interior Plateau
    • In the middle of coastal and columbian mountains
    • Relatively flat area between ^
  13. Describe the rocky mountains
    • East, Folded
    • Tallest mountains
    • Sedimentary at the peek
  14. Describe the Canadian Shield
    • Largest landform region of canada
    • Mostly igneous and metamorphic
    • Among the oldest rocks on the planet
    • Storehouse of metallic metals
  15. describe the land
    • Formed by volcanic activity
    • glaciers scraped the ground leaving many lakes swamps and rivers
    • rolling to hilly areas of exposed rock
    • soil is thin, poor agriculture
  16. Say the west to east cross section in order starting from the left
    Pacific ocean, Coastal mountains, interior plateau, Columbian and rocky mountains, Aberta plain, Saskatchewan plain, Manitoba lowland, atlantic ocean
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