9/15/11 (MA) Medical Vocabulary

  1. History
    Series of Q&A about a patients chief complaints past, present & family illness, social & occupational complaints
  2. Physical Examination
    A thorough examination of the patient from head to toe.
  3. ROS
    Systematic approach to each bodily system
  4. Ophthalmoscope
    Instructions for examining interior of the eye
  5. Neurological Pin Wheel
    Sharp pointed object to elicited pain stimuli (check for feeling in skin, numb spots)
  6. Percussion Hammer
    Device for diagnosis consist rubber or metal head to tap the body gently
  7. Stethoscope
    Instrument used to hear sounds produced in the body
  8. Proctoscope
    Instrument used to examine rectum
  9. Vaginal Speculum
    Instrument with 2 opposing portions that after being inserted in canal it can be pushed out.
  10. Forceps
    pinchers for holding, ceasing or extracting
  11. Lithotomy
    Position patient lye’s on back, leg separated, knees flexed & feet supported in stirrups
  12. Dorsal Recumbent
    Position of the soles of feet flat on table
  13. Knee-Chest
    Position patient on table keeping buttocks elevated & back straight
  14. Sims’
    Patient lye’s on left side chest, left leg slightly flexed, right leg sharply flexed
  15. Supine
    Patient lye’s on back, arms placed at sides.
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9/15/11 (MA) Medical Vocabulary
9/15/11 (MA) Medical Vocabulary