bio unit 1

  1. problem
    the scientific question to be solved
  2. hypothesis
    • idea about the solution to a problem
    • ***never in the form of a question
  3. ways to improve experiment
    • must be able to repeat the experiment and obtain the same results
    • large sample size
    • variety of species/random selection of organisms
  4. resolution
    fineness of an image
  5. magnification
    increasing something in size
  6. nutrition
    the activities by which living things obtain food and process it for growth and repair of their body cells
  7. heterotrophic
    an organism must obtain its food; it cannot make it
  8. autotrophic
    an organism that can manufacture its own food
  9. transport
    the absorption and circulation of materials within an organism
  10. respiration
    the process by which energy stored in food is converted to a form that can be used by the organism (food->ATP)
  11. excretion
    the removal of cellular wastes from an organism, such as carbon dioxide, water and urea (urine and sweat)
  12. ingestion
    to take food into the body
  13. digestion
    hydrolysis; break down of food
  14. egestion
    removal of indigestible material (don't confuse with excretion)
  15. synthesis
    the process by which large molecules are built from smaller molecules
  16. regulation
    involves the control and coordination of all activities of an organism
  17. growth
    • involves the increase in cell number and coordination of an organism
    • utilizes the products of synthesis
  18. reproduction
    the production of new individuals of one's own kind. Not needed by an individual living thing, but needed by its species for the survival of the species
  19. immunity
    the ability of an organism to resist disease causing organisms and foreign invaders
  20. metabolism
    all the chemical activities that take place in an organism to keep it alive
  21. homeostasis
    the maintenance of a stable internal environment; the organism's stability
  22. How many um in a mm?
    1 mm= 1000 um
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