Basic Cell Information

  1. What is the first rule of Cell Theory?
    All organisms are made of one or more cells.
  2. What is the second rule of Cell Theory?
    The cell is the basic unit of organization in all organisms.
  3. What is the third rule of Cell Theory?
    All cells come from pre-existing cells.
  4. What are characteristics of a Prokaryotic Cell?
    • Simple
    • No membrane bound organelles
    • Lacks internal structures with membranes
    • No nucleus
  5. What are characteristics of a Eukaryotic cell?
    • Plant, Animal, and Fungus cells
    • Has membrane bound organelles
    • Has a nucleus
  6. What are unicellular organisms? Example?
    • Organisms composed of only 1 cell
    • Bacteria, yeast, amoeba, euglena
  7. What are multi-cellular organisms? Example?
    • Organisms composed of many cells.
    • Animals, Plants, Fungi
  8. Name six things that most cells do.
    • Get food for energy
    • Rid themselves of waste
    • Obtain oxygen or Carbon Dioxide
    • Reproduce
    • Regulate water balance
    • React to changes in the enviornment
  9. What does division of labor mean in a cell?
    Each organelles has a specific job in the cell.
  10. A cell only survives if what?
    All its parts work together.
  11. Define Unicellular.
    Consisting of a single cell.
  12. Define Multicellular.
    Having or consisting of many cells or more than one cell to perform all vital functions.
  13. Define metabolism.
    The process involving a set of chemical reactions that modifies a molecule into another for storage or for immediate use in another reaction.
  14. Define anabolism.
    The process involving a sequence of chemical reactions that constructs molecules from smaller units. A constructive type of metabolism.
  15. Define catabolism.
    The process involving a series of degradative chemical reactions that break down complex molecules into smaller units. Releases energy. A destructive kind of metabolism.
  16. Define dehydration synthesis.
    A chemical reaction that builds up molecules by losing water molecules.
  17. Define hydrolysis.
    A chemical reaction in which the interaction of a compound with water results in the decomposition of that compound.
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