1. adroit
    adj: having skill in the use of the bodily or mental powers
  2. adulterate
    v. to make impure by the mixture of other or baser ingredients
  3. advisory
    adj. not mandatory
  4. affront
    n. an open insult or indignity
  5. aforesaid
    adj. said in a preceding part or before
  6. agglomerate
    v: to pile or heap together
  7. alacrity
    n. cheerful willingness
  8. amatory
    adj: designed to excite love
  9. ambrosial
    adj: divinely sweet, fragrant, or delicious
  10. amorous
    adj: having a propensity for falling in love
  11. anathema
    n. anything forbidden, as by social usage
  12. apiary
    n. a place where bees are kept
  13. apogee
    n. the climax
  14. apostasy
    n. a total departure from one's faith or religion
  15. apostate
    adj. false
  16. ardent
    adj. burning with passion
  17. arrant
    adj. notoriously bad
  18. ascetic
    adj. given to severe self-denial and practicing excessive abstinence and devotion
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